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Although it may seem an added expense to your monthly motoring costs, A Service Plan is an investment to consider.

Booking your car in for a service is always a bit of a pain…

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You know keeping your wheels in working order is vital in all manner of ways, but you’re only human if you keep putting that annual once-over off just a couple more weeks until your bank balance looks a little healthier.

Of course, by then, your motor could easily be limping on its last legs and moaning that it wouldn’t be so poorly if you’d got it serviced weeks or even months before.

Alas, by the time you’ve heard its croaks for mercy you’ve already blown your finally healthy bank balance on the other half’s birthday present.

What’s it all about?

Simply put A Car Service Plan will pay for the regular services of your car and will guarantee you a return on your investment.

Sure, it can seem like a luxury having to pay out each month but it’s not insurance for a possible eventuality; it’s a regular payment for a significant and definite eventuality.

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The actual service of your car will be just like any other with the exact parts being stipulated by the manufacturer as well as fluids and labour being covered.

Of course, there are limits so don’t expect to have your write-off brought back from the dead on your plan alone.

Major mechanical damage and electrical faults won’t be covered either.

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The benefits

The biggest, and enticing, benefit of a service plan investment is that you’ll never worry about inflation increasing the costs of your service.

By paying a fixed instalment every month throughout the subscription of your plan you will avoid the rising costs of regular servicing.

Also it’ll save you time shopping around for the best bargain.

When the time comes to sell your car after keeping a service plan, you’ll find another advantage as your service provider will keep a complete service history for you.

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Dealers can offer a plan when you buy your car from new or you can start a plan when you are ready.

Finding a provider is as easy as typing your manufacturer into a search engine, or contacting your local dealer.

You can choose the time frame of the plan and how often you want the car serviced; say either every year or when you reach certain mileage milestones.


And if you do choose to take out a plan, it doesn’t mean you can completely relax.

It is still your responsibility to book the car’s scheduled appointments and there are usually conditions like the service must be booked either 30 days or 1000 miles before the service interval date.

It is also important to remember that some providers will not cover all mechanical parts during the service. For example, the cam belt might not be under the deal so be prepared for additional costs. But it is likely to be a highlighted term when you begin your plan.

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Reasons To Consider A Service Plan:

  • Spread the costs out
  • Beat inflation
  • Guaranteed return on your investment
  • A well maintained car
  • Recorded service history

You can find out how much a service plan would cost you with Hartwell here.

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