Frequently Asked Questions About Car Care

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For some people, their cars are a thing of mystery and they are often frightened of touching anything in case they accidentally break them.

It’s important to give your car regular checks and a bit of tlc every now and then so that you can avoid running into large repair costs. Don’t know what to look for? No problem, here are some frequently asked questions about car care and what you should be looking out for that could turn out to be a serious problem.



My car is making a strange noise, what should I do about it?

Simply put, take it to your garage for a once over. It might turn out to be nothing, but more often than not a strange noise indicates that there’s something wrong with the running of your car.

Take a look around your car and try to locate the noise. It could be anything from a flat tyre that’s causing your car to rattle to your radiator overheating and struggling to run your car.


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What happens if my car breaks down and I can’t drive it to a garage?

You should have recovery with your insurance, or a third party if your car breaks down. However, if you didn’t choose to go fully comp with rescue services then you will need to go down the car towing route.

It’s fairly inexpensive and normally they can come and tow your car to your garage in a timely manner.


What regular checks should I be doing?

Oil – check the dipstick level. It should be at a level somewhere between the two notches on the dipstick.

Water – keep it topped up.

Tyres – check your car manual to see what psi your tyres should be at, and make sure you’re following the guidelines about weight.

Check that your wiper blades are working as they should be to avoid any accidents in the rain.

Between your MOT dates, take your car in for a quick service from your garage. It’s definitely worth the money for the chance to find a problem early enough to repair it.


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Does covering my windscreen in the winter help?

Covering you windscreen gives you an easier start to your day as the ice wouldn’t have set on your windscreen. Covering your windscreen is definitely a good idea to help you avoid the cost of having your screen replaced.


I don’t understand the lights on my dashboard, help me!

Every car is different, but usually when a light is on it’s indicating that something needs looking at. Refer to your car’s manual to see what they mean or alternatively, check out this handy guide to help you get a better understanding of what’s wrong with your car.


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Hopefully this guide has given you a better basic knowledge of your car and you can avoid large costs from problems that you weren’t even aware of.


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