Ethan Jupp GOMW Sir William Lyons award finalist

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On the 13th of August 2013 i received an email from a young writer wishing to get his content in front of some more beady eyes. to gain exposure, hone his craft and to make his name known.

Well, that email was the type of correspondance you show to others. The breadth of vocabulary and the way he conveyed himself was simply amazing for a young lad aged just 19.

Without hesitation I invited him onto the team, he then posted his very first article just 5 days later, a musing as to why the Jaguar C-X75 was killed off early.

NEC Classic Car Show 2013 Review Jaguar CX 75 Concept Front carwitter 491x326 - Ethan Jupp GOMW Sir William Lyons award finalist - Ethan Jupp GOMW Sir William Lyons award finalist

Since those early days he has covered numerous topics across 46 features, always with excellent depth, exquisite intellect and a way with words i can only dream of having.

Yes thats right, our very own Ethan Jupp is in the running to win the 2014 Guild of Motoring Writers Sir William Lyons award.

The award is open to writers aged 23 and under, and it is the most prestigious award for young motoring journos.

The full list of those in the running can be seen online, along with Ethans entry. Naturally we know the outcome already 😉 good luck Ethan and no pressure…either way you have a very bright future as an automotive journalist!


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