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Britains De Icing habits

10 Dec , 2012  


Autoglym  have conducted research into what Britons use to De Ice their cars with. The results are pretty worrying!

  • Almost a quarter (23.9%) of motorists have used their credit card to clear frost from their car
  • More than 15% of those surveyed have also used boiling water to melt ice from their windscreen, putting it at risk of cracking or shattering due to the extreme change in temperature
  • Over 5% of yound drivers (up to 24) have used alcoholic drinks as an alternative to proper de-icer
  • A fifth of motorists aged over 55 were found to have used cooking utensils such as spatulas
  • Motorists also said they had used books, newspapers, CD cases, clothes and kitchen towels instead of using an ice scraper

By failing to use a proper de-icer and ice scraper, motorists can cause permanent damage to their cars – notably by scratching glass or by damaging the surrounding rubber seals

Driving with ice still obscuring parts of the windscreen and side windows can also lead to a collision with other vehicles or pedestrians, and is an offence punishable by a fine and points on the driver’s licence.



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