Auto Professionals: Staying Ahead of The Competition

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When automotive sales are declining, do you have what it takes to leave your competitors in the dust?

While the industry can be rather tough and you might be up against a variety of strong competitors, there are ways to ensure that your business doesn’t crumble underneath the pressure.

It won’t guarantee that you’re able to stay ahead for good, it might be just what you need in order to stay afloat until the sale numbers are up again.

Here is a handful of tips to boost your automotive company a bit when it needs it the most so that you can gain a decent head start and enjoy the sight of a business in bloom.


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First: Spruce up your marketing campaign

One of the first things you should do is to try to find cost-effective ways of marketing your business. Email marketing is, of course, a tried-and-tested method that may work very well for your business but you should make sure that the emails are personalized in terms of the offers you provide them with and remember to automate your campaigns as well.

The target is to lower the opt-out rates and, hopefully, ensure that you’re able to sell a few more vehicles. By personalizing the offers, you’re making it just a bit more likely that your customers find the emails interesting – which, again, keeps them from opting out for the time being.

By automating the emails, on the other hand, you’ll avoid spending an unnecessary amount of time on your marketing campaigns.

Remember to make use of social media as well, by the way, as this is one of the most cost-effective ways of both marketing your business, interacting with your customers, and even keeping an eye on the competition. Have a look at this article if you need some tips in terms of social media marketing, like running giveaways


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Next: Boost your customer service

Many automotive customers state that, above all, their experience with the customer service department will determine the likelihood of them purchasing another vehicle from the same dealership.

You should brush up on your team’s customer service skills, in other words, and make sure that you’re able to go above and beyond what your competitors are doing. See if you’re able to offer other high-quality services as well which other dealerships may be lacking such as e coating for cars or maybe vehicle detailing as well as reward and loyalty programs.

That way, you’re making it way more likely that they’ll choose your dealership instead of others in your area.

Finally, it’s a good idea to think about ways to keep your loyal customers onboard for another round. This includes, of course, excellent customer service as mentioned above – but also the other forms of interactions you have with them.

Use social media to stay in touch with your customers, create content to solve their problems, and make sure they know that you’re there for them to help out with any auto issues they may be facing in the future as well.


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