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Audi aim to end traffic light hell

10 Mar , 2014  

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The world of the fully connected car is upon us, so much so that Audi tell us their cars will soon be informing you how to speed through traffic lights and avoid stopping.

Dependent entirely on which governments will allow them to fit the system, Audi’s new traffic light information system will not only help you zip past pesky amber lights – but even count down how long you have to wait till green.

Originally showcased at the Computer Electronics Show (CES) in January, Audi now say the system will be available on every car in their range.

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Using the onboard internet Audi’s system will connect to the local traffic light system to work out where and when red lights will crop up.

Once it has computed this with your current route the dash will flash up a reading telling the driver exactly how fast they need to drive to beat the next red light.

The German marque say the system’s main function is reducing CO2 emissions from cars sat at red lights, to this end Audis with traffic information and start-stop will always remain off until five seconds before the light goes green.

The system has been heavily tested in Las Vegas, Verona and Berlin, although Audi is yet to confirm whether the system will be coming to these shores any time soon.

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