7 Reasons Why Used Cars Are the Best Cars

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It’s easy to gaze at that brand new car on the telly, but would it really be worth it? Here are seven reasons why used cars are the best cars.


1. Personality

Used cars have been around a bit; they haven’t just rolled off the production line with thousands of vehicles exactly the same. When you buy a used car, you know you’re getting something unique, something with a history.

If you like cars with personality, check out what your local used car dealership has. Places like Stephen James are full of one-off gems; why not call and book a visit?

2. Customization

There’s always the chance you’ll find a used car that’s been customised by a previous owner, in a way that totally suits you. Always wanted a repainted car? Well, maybe you’ll find one! Can’t find a rare badge to replace your generic one?

Maybe a used car is just sitting in a lot with the badge you want. Used vehicles are also useful to experiment on if you don’t want to ding up your main car, but you want to try out some of your own customisation.


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3. Less Environmentally Harmful

Buying a used car has less of an environmental impact than buying a new one does. This is because new cars have to be manufactured and transported, and all of this leaves a massive carbon footprint.

A used car will probably be easier on the fuel as well, which spares your pocket as well as the planet. Do your bit, and get your next car used.

4. Cheaper

This one’s a no-brainer. Getting a used car is considerably less expensive than buying a new one. Just make sure you check it out thoroughly before you commit. There’s no point in saving all that money on the purchase price if it’s going to cost you a fortune to run.

You’ll also be less worried about it getting scratched or dented. Imagine getting that brand new car scratched! A used car can take a bit of use without breaking your heart.


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5. Some Have Great Mileage

Lurking everywhere in used car lots are little treasures driven one mile once a week for years. You can find cars with fantastic mileage if you look hard enough. Those will run like a dream, and your maintenance costs will be pleasantly low. You’ll also get a car that looks years younger than it is. You can’t really lose!

6.More Choice

Used car dealerships have an endless amount of choice. They have everything. Whether you want a characterful classic car or just last year’s Volvo, they’ll have it. If you’re buying new, you’re a lot more restricted, especially if you have a tight budget. 


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7.Lower Insurance Premiums

Insuring a fancy new car that cost you thousands is not going to be fun. But with a used car, the cost of replacing it is lower, which means your insurance is too.


Still want that shiny new car? Head down to your local used car dealership instead and let them change your mind.


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