5 Mobile Apps that Enhance your Driving Experience

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Driving is a major form of transportation all over the world. Though everyone is a different driver, there are some rules which should be followed by everyone. It is not safe to use any device while driving. Hopefully, there are apps that meet drivers’ expectations.

They make driving a lot easier and satisfying. They have unique settings that will help you to focus on the road and not the screen of your smartphone. They will also allow you to get the most out of traveling with your vehicle.


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One of the apps which is getting more and more popular is Waze. It is a cousin of the Apple Maps and Google Maps, but it gives you more detailed information about conditions on the road.

Waze delivers real-time rerouting, which makes riving in the city way faster and easier. No one likes to stay in traffic jams. Another essential function shows police locations or accidents. There are a lot of apps that specialize in detecting any obstacles, so it is a good decision to get to know the best radar detector.

The only draft is that this app does not work offline. Be sure that you have access to the Internet before hitting the road.


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Imagine a situation when the time is running against you. You have only a few minutes to your destination, but the traffic is getting bigger and bigger. When you are in the closest spot to the place you needed to go to, you see that there are no free parking spots. You are getting more nervous, because how could you predict a situation like this?

With Parkopedia, it is almost impossible to face anything similar. Thanks to its’ database of more than seventy million parking spots in over fifteen thousand cities, you can effortlessly search for the parking spot.

Having any information about free parking spots is crucial for driving in the cities. It will save your time and nerves.


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When it comes to parking, there are a lot of issues to cope with. Where to find any free spot? Where is the parkometer? Can I leave my car here? More and more questions appear while thinking about the parking spot.

Honk is here to help you with this. It is a digital parkometer which is activated by dragging the timer portion until it matches the time left on the actual meter. For even bigger safety and comfort, an alarm will sound a few minutes before the meter expires. It also helps you with finding your car – you will be guided back if you forget where you parked as Honks records the GPS.


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Gas buddy

As it is commonly known, driving is not the cheapest thing to do. It all begins with a car purchase and ends on the costs of repairs. This is the app that allows you to find the best gas prices in the area, you are close to.

The prices are the same on the phone as they are on the station sign. You can search by the type of fuel or even its’ grade. Other users submit the prices, so it gives you only information about current rates. It is based on your location, so you do not have to worry about clicking on the phone screen while driving.


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Find My Car

As was said before, parking can be a wholly unpleasant experience. Everyone in one’s driver career forgot, at least one, about the place of a car. There is nothing to be shocked about. When someone is in a hurry or does not know the area, it easier to forget the parking spot.

Find My Car is a really simple app that is based on Internet connectivity and GPS services. If you get into the habit of using such an app, it will be much quicker to find the way back to your vehicle.


You can see, there are plenty of apps that help you to enhance your driving experience. Make sure that you use apps that suit you the best. Remember that using the phone while driving is dangerous, so it is better to set the apps before starting the trip.


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