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5 Games Every Car Fanatic Should Be Playing in 2019

8 Oct , 2019  

When we’re not behind the wheel of our own whip, most of us tend to indulge our passion for cars at home, where the virtual world allows us to take control of machines most of us can only ever dream of driving.

Racing games are among the most popular format of video games, but these aren’t the only auto-themed games on the market.
There are plenty of car-themed titles as well as games that allow you to dive into a different area of cars that don’t involve racing a Ferrari through the streets of a virtual Miami. Here are the top five games every true car fanatic needs to be playing in 2019.


Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2 regularly receives praise for being one of the most detailed, nuanced, and realistic racing simulation games ever made. The driving mechanics are incredibly detailed and challenging to master, whilst your task of becoming a top pro racer requires you to learn the ins and outs of the real-world F1 system. You could easily spend dozens of hours simply fixing up and customizing your racer, whilst also learning all of the other skills professional drivers need to develop outside of the track.



Granted, driving is hardly the main goal in Rockstar’s now-iconic Grand Theft Auto V. However, the open world of Los Angeles and the surrounding California countryside, as well as the literally hundreds of vehicles on offer, makes driving around in this game an immensely pleasurable experience. From souped-up sports cars to hulking monster trucks, there is no kind of driving experience that can’t be had in GTA V.


Speed Heroes

The Speed Heroes 5-reel slot game is ideal for those who want to play for money whilst also indulging their love of autos. The game window takes the form of a 5-cylinder racecar engine, whilst the icons on the reels consist of various souped-up car parts. The game is available for free at most major online casinos, as long as you know how to claim a free spins bonus. Fortunately, bonus comparison platforms exist for US visitors who want to play Speed Heroes for real money with the use of welcome bonuses.


Euro Truck Simulator 2

This wouldn’t be a true round-up of driving games if we didn’t give ETS a mention. The game has developed a cult following around the world and is regularly described as one of the most beloved simulation driving games in existence. You simply drive a delivery truck from one destination to another, using a hyper-realistic game mechanism. Hundreds of different routes and rigs across Europe exist, so you can literally play this game for months.


Dirt 4

Off-roading fans rejoiced when the long-awaited release of Dirt 4 finally arrived in 2017. The game allows you to take Ford Fiestas, Audi Sports Quattros, and Subaru WRXs across some of the most exciting and realistically rendered off-road tracks in the world. The best of these are set in Morocco, Spain, and Australia, and are hugely faithful recreations of real-life offroad events. This one is for adrenaline junkies only.

If you have these games to hand, you’ll always be able to indulge your passion for driving. They may not be as good as the real thing, but they’re not far off.

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