4 Reasons To Upgrade To A Brand New Vehicle

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One of your big purchasing decisions is coming along, but you might be met with apprehension wondering if your desire to buy a new car is reasonable, given that you have a working vehicle, or that you could buy a used car instead for less.

Every individual purchasing a vehicle will play with the idea of a new car, but not all will go the distance of buying one. As they believe an older, used car with mileage, wear and tear, and an extensive history, is for some reason a safer bet. But this might not be entirely true. Here are 8 reasons why people purchase brand new cars over old vehicles.


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New cars can be inexpensive, take a look for yourself at luxury brand cars and note down the MPG for motorway/city driving costs expected on a brand new vehicle in comparison to used vehicles.

You’d be surprised how much money you will save on petrol alone by choosing your dream car over a used vehicle. This is just one of the many reasons why you should consider buying a brand new car.


Long Term Savings

With a plan in mind to keep your car for the future, you can actually save more money throughout the years that you own a new car in comparison to if you bought an older car. This is because more modern vehicles pose a lesser risk for breaking down and requiring repairs. And even if on the off chance your new car did break down, they are generally covered under a 3-4 year warranty depending on the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Older cars, however, are less likely to be as reliable and have a higher possibility of breaking down due to the age, wear and tear of the vehicle and the older parts it has installed in comparison to newer cars with advanced technology. In terms of a warranty, older cars can usually expect 3 months cover that usually only protects engine and gearbox issues. If you purchase an old vehicle privately, you are liable for all repairs once you have bought the car.


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Environmentally Friendly

Buying new gives you the option, if green living is essential to you, to buy a car that is kinder to the environment and reduces your carbon footprint. Your 10-year-old used motor, on the other hand, won’t have anything on your brand new hybrid vehicle when it comes to protecting the world.


Build It

When ordering a new vehicle, you have the advantage of designing it. Take the luxury New Aston Martin Vantage, for instance, choose the colour that fits your personality, leather or suede interior, heated seats, a navigation system and so forth. Unlike a used car, you have control over what it looks like and the functionality it needs for the purpose you’ll be using it for.


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Divorce your old car for a younger car model if you’re smitten with your chosen new vehicle and can afford it with ease, what do you have to lose?

Especially when you will own something designed to suit you, that’s cost-effective in comparison to some older vehicles and will fill you with a sense of fulfilment, the brand new car smell alone will be 100% worth the investment!



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