4 Cool Car Customisations You Need

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Getting to buy your very first car is an experience like no other and having a ride that is totally customised to what you love can give you a newfound confidence.

You can ride around knowing you’ve got something that other drivers don’t have. The rise of the use of epic cars in movie franchises like Fast and Furious and games like GTA has meant that ‘car goals’ has a whole new meaning.

It’s a fun concept to advance your car game, and if you want to be out on the road and turning those heads, you need to know exactly what is cool and what isn’t. You’ve been a customer, and now it’s time to go custom with your purchase. We’ve got 4 of the coolest car customisations that you can imagine below. It’s your car, let’s roll.


Don’t Get Lost, Homie

There’s nothing worse than getting lost and being a new driver, you could really get lost easily; the world looks very different from the road compared to your usual stroll.

You can get so many portable sat nav options, but if you check this website out, you could get a brand-new sat nav built into your car dashboard. You’d never need worry about getting lost again!


2017 Suzuki Swift Review Infotainment carwitter 1024x689 - 4 Cool Car Customisations You Need - 4 Cool Car Customisations You Need


Get Musical

Having the capability to hook up your iPod to the car music system is awesome, but there’s nothing awesome about wires hanging around your car when you’re trying to keep things classy and clean.

Checking out this digital media receiver is a great way to listen to your top tunes; simply switch on the Bluetooth on your phone and the receiver, and you can play music through the receiver as well as take hands-free calls.

Sony Car Headunit carwitter 1024x661 - 4 Cool Car Customisations You Need - 4 Cool Car Customisations You Need

Keep It Cool

Road trip, anyone? As a new driver, you’ll be itching to go on the road and see everything that there is to see. One of the worst things about a road trip, though, is warm drinks.

Instead of pulling over, though, you can install this 12V Portable Refrigerator into your car’s front and rear console. Stock up before you go and you’ve got cool drinks the whole way.


2017 Abarth 124 Spider Review Road Ahead carwitter 1024x681 - 4 Cool Car Customisations You Need - 4 Cool Car Customisations You Need


Get Personal

Some people like to stick racing stripes across their cars, but that’s a little 90s, right? Why not indulge yourself in a personal plate from The Private Plate Company, instead? You get the chance to personalise your ride and make it appear completely unique. Not one other car is going to have the same plate as you!


Jaguar F Type Jalopnik Number 1 Plate UK carwitter  700x465 - 4 Cool Car Customisations You Need - 4 Cool Car Customisations You Need


Getting your own ride is an important milestone in life, but there’s no hard and fast rule that says you have to look like every Ford, Skoda and Volkswagen on the road, right? Exactly.

Get your customisations on and watch the world turn their heads to your new wheels. Trust us when we say that you won’t regret your decision to get your car customised.


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