2018 Megane RS from £27,495

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Renault have finally announced pricing for the all-new lardily large, five door Megane RS.

£27,495 will get you a normal RS, if you want the fabled Cup Chassis (instead of the standard Sport) you’ll need to fork out an extra £1,500. But all Megane orders from 1st – 31st May 2018 will receive this option free if they car to choose the harder ride.

Arguably you want the Cup Chassis as it packs a limited slip diff, stiffer springs, dampers and a more rigid anti-roll bar. Packing 280 hp and 390 Nm of torque…you’re probably gonna need that diff.


2018 Renault Megane RS Front On Track carwitter 1024x683 - 2018 Megane RS from £27,495 - 2018 Megane RS from £27,495


Naturally you get fancy four wheel steering as standard, which is a first for a hot hatch. It’s needed no doubt to make it feel smaller and lighter than it is in the bends.

Thankfully the RS comes with a manual gearbox as standard, Renault must have learnt from the abomination they fitted into the Clio RS.

Another fruity option is the fancy bi-material brakes from Brembo. Made from aluminium and cast iron the discs help reduce the weight at each corner by a massive 1.8 kg, very tasty even if they’re at a rather pricey £900.


2018 Renault Megane RS Rear carwitter 1024x682 - 2018 Megane RS from £27,495 - 2018 Megane RS from £27,495


0-62 takes 5.8 seconds whether you opt for the manual or auto, top speed is higher at 158 MPH in the manual as opposed to 155 for the auto.

There are different driving modes to choose from in Renault’s ‘Multi-Sense’ bollocks driving technology system. This switches up the engine response, accelerator mapping, steering stiffness and obviously the ambient lighting. The five modes consist of:

  • Comfort: specific engine response settings and gearbox shift patterns that reduce fuel consumption;
  • Normal: a good balance between comfort, acoustics and safety, with an ideal ESP activation threshold for everyday use;
  • Sport: a sportier disposition, this mode combines more lively response with pleasingly accentuated engine noise, stiffer steering and a delayed ESP activation threshold;
  • Race: for racetrack driving, the ESP is completely disabled and the settings of the 4Control system deliver even more agile handling;
  • Perso: this mode allows each driver to customise the settings of the various technologies and driver aids (ADAS) on the vehicle – every part of the car can be set up individually according to the driver’s situation.

Annoyingly the modes are accessed via the touch screen rather than a dedicated button.

You can also film your own death/accident/lap via the R.S Monitor Expert which will link with your phone to overlay the telematics from 40 sensors around the car onto the video. Thus creating an augmented reality….thing. You can also upload your data to the Renault Sport website to compare yourself with other users, like showering with random men after a five-a-side football match.

Order books are now open.


2018 Renault Megane RS Interior carwitter 1024x683 - 2018 Megane RS from £27,495 - 2018 Megane RS from £27,495



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