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2015 Honda Civic 1.6 i-DTEC Review

6 Apr , 2015  

2015 Honda Civic 1.6 iDtec Review - Front Low - Carwitter

We loved last year’s diesel sipping 1.6 i-DTEC Honda Civic, but for 2015 Honda have updated its family sized eco warrior.

Front and rear dampers have been re-tuned along with the electric power steering; at the rear the suspension has been realigned. All these changes are to aid high-speed stability, body control and to generally improve the handling.

Priced at £26,460…yes you read that right! Our range topping EX-Plus model has absolutely everything on it. Keyless entry, power adjustable seats, HID headlights, 17 inch alloys, blue ambient lighting…the list is endless.

2015 Honda Civic 1.6 iDtec Review - Side - Carwitter

Externally Honda have also made some subtle changes for this refreshed model. You now get tinted glass on the rear window, darker coloured brake lights, as well as piano black front and rear bumper inserts.

Darker wheel arch cladding and new 17” alloys finish the car off nicely.

The changes are subtle, but overall they smarten the car up rather well.

2015 Honda Civic 1.6 iDtec Review - Rear - Carwitter

Honda have retuned the front and rear dampers on this refreshed Civic as well as realigning the rear suspension, now we had no qualms about the handling of the previous 1.6 i-DTEC we tested. In fact it felt pretty good on a spirited B road drive. However the electronic power steering has also been tuned to improve high-speed stability.

At a push it does feel slightly more planted but only when you are really pushing it near the limits, and lets face it who will be buying a 1.6 diesel Civic to do that in?

2015 Honda Civic 1.6 iDtec Review - Front - Carwitter

Now with only 118 BHP you think this rather large hatchback will be slow and left wanting. It isn’t! The 1.6 i-DTEC power plant is brilliant. Making a huge 300Nm of torque makes the Civic feel punchier than it is.

We drove it over 520 miles and never did we feel like it had run out of puff, or that it needed more go to it. It’s more than adequate, especially when it is complemented by such a great 6-speed gearbox; changes are short and precise whilst the gearing helps to keep the Honda feeling nippy.

On a motorway you can whack it in 6th and cruise idly at 70 with the engine nearly on tick over.

We actually managed to drive 120 more miles than we did in our first 1.6 i-DTEC Civic. We squeezed a massive 520 miles from one single tank before playing fuel roulette; over that mileage we also managed 60.9 MPG, which also bested our previous 60.6 MPG.

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Honda Civic Tourer Review - Dashboard - carwitter

Inside doesn’t change very much at all; in fact we can’t see any noticeable differences.

You still get the space age style split level dash, the lower half gives you temperature, rev counter, and fuel level whilst the upper houses the speedo and infotainment display. It’s a bit of a disjointed setup, but you get used to it.

2015 Honda Civic 1.6 iDtec Review - Front Seats - Carwitter

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The most annoying part is the infotainment display, changing from one menu to another or messing about with the trip computer takes forever and isn’t at all intuitive. Some functions just can’t be changed via the wheel controls – like changing iPod playlists, that’s a bit frustrating!

2015 Honda Civic 1.6 iDtec Review - Rear Angle - Carwitter

The rear view camera is very handy as the boot is rather high, we didn’t find the split rear window beam to be a problem; but the blind spots in this car are huge due to the deep rear pillars.

At the end of the day build quality can’t be faulted, it’s all solid and well screwed together with no creaks or rattles over even the harshest of surfaces.

2015 Honda Civic 1.6 iDtec Review - Front Angle - Carwitter

We still love the 1.6 i-DTEC Civic. Once again it cannot be beaten on MPG, it truly is a diesel sipper.

The exterior changes smarten up what could’ve been considered a basic design. Gloss black trim and tinted windows will help it out against its competition but our top spec model at £26,480 was rather on the pricey side for a family hatch.

If you want Sat Nav then you are best to opt for SE Plus-T, spec that with the 1.6 engine and you are looking at £22,505.

If you can do without Sat Nav then go for SE Plus, one of those will set you back £21,960, far more respectable.

2015 Honda Civic 1.6 iDtec Review - Front Angle Low - Carwitter

Carwitter Summary:

2015 Honda Civic – Smart exterior changes, interior pretty much the same, superb MPG as always.

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