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Kia Proceed Review – Eco looker

15 Nov , 2013  

2013 Kia Proceed Review - Side Angle - carwitter

We have always been a fan of the Kia Pro_ceed, so we thought we would see what the second generation model had to offer.

On test was the 1.6 CRDI SE ISG (Idle Stop & Go) model, the 1.6 diesel lump makes 126 BHP and 260 Nm of torque. It gets to 60 in a reasonable 10.5 seconds.

But at £20,595 it is rather pricey.

2013 Kia Proceed Review - Front - carwitter

Kia’s have come a long way since I first saw my aunt’s brand new Kia pride in the 90’s. Damn this car looks good! Its low, sleek, swept back lines are superb.

A low nose sweeps up the bonnet – at nearly the same angle – to a large swept back windscreen. Its roof line falls toward the rear and is met with a built in spoiler.

Small wing mirrors are mounted low down on the doors at the beginning of the Pro_ceeds waistline. That line moves down the car and is met in the rear quarter panel by the lozenge shaped brake lights. The boot lid moulds itself around these brake lights, bulging slightly just below the rear windscreen. Plastic trim runs along the bottom of the rear, housing the reversing lights.

2013 Kia Proceed Review - Side - carwitter

I think its looks beat any 3 door coupé on the market at the moment. It looks far more complete than the Astra GTC, and dare I even say it…sexier than a Scirocco?

2013 Kia Proceed Review - Rear Reversing Camera - carwitter

But…Kia have ruined it. How? Well the SE trim comes with a reversing camera. Instead of mounting that where the number plate goes, or under the rear spoiler; you know somewhere inconspicuous…its stuck smack bang in the middle of the boot. All that design effort ruined!

2013 Kia Proceed Review - Front Details - carwitter

Power in the Kia was ample, its not quick but it keeps up with the pace of things. Over the week we had the car it never felt frustrating or sluggish. You have to work the gears though, as the engine only revs to 4,000 and the gearing seems a little shorter than usual, but this helps keep the Pro_ceed feeling nippy.

Kia have recently introduced ‘Flex Steer’ which was on our test car. It lets you change the weighting between three different modes. Normal, Comfort and Sport, Normal as you guessed it…is…well Normal. Comfort makes it feather light, and Sport seems to turn off practically all power assistance.

We tried all the modes over various driving conditions, it’s a great little feature. Around town Comfort is perfect (especially for parking). Sport is good at speed through some more spirited driving, but for the most part we were lazy and left it in Comfort.

2013 Kia Proceed Review - Rear - carwitter

Steering has no feel to it what so ever, it doesn’t feel connected at all. Which is a bit of a shame but then the whole ride is like that too. Go over small potholes or cats eyes and you hear a thud but that’s it! It’s such a smooth ride and not what I was expecting from the little hatch at all. We have driven much bigger cars where we would have loved to just glide along like you do in the Pro_ceed. I can guarantee most people will love it, but for me it just felt a little too detached.

Despite its smoothness the Kia is damped very well, at times ride can get a little bit floaty but for the most part it corners solidly.

2013 Kia Proceed Review - Ecodynamics Badge - carwitter

Our test model was emblazoned with the hideously large ‘ECODynamics’ badge on its boot (another rear addition that’s best left off) and it rightly deserved the Eco label. Over 200 miles it achieve 40.5 MPG. That was mainly town driving too, we were very impressed even though it falls short of Kia’s claimed 55.4 Urban MPG figure.

2013 Kia Proceed Review - Steering Wheel - carwitter

Inside the Pro_ceed is very smart, open the door and you are greeted with a nice two tone black and grey interior. Door plastics are soft to the touch, whilst there’s a smattering of gloss black trim across the dash and steering wheel.

2013 Kia Proceed Review - Glovebox - carwitter

Some of the lowermost plastics are a little harder and look cheaper, the glove box is one part that could have been done better.

2013 Kia Proceed Review - Sat Nav - carwitter

Infotainment is well catered for by a 7” touch screen, the buttons both on and off the screen are large and easy to hit. The sat nav was great too, very ‘Tom Tom’ looking maps are clear and bright.

Sound was excellent, especially when using the in built ‘Power Bass’ mode, it’s a great stock stereo setup!

2013 Kia Proceed Review - Front Seats - carwitter

Now for the biggie…as much as I loved the way the car drove, the interior is great, exterior is stunning…I just couldn’t get comfortable!

You kind of sit on the seat, rather than in it. Kia have improved the side support over the previous model, but it was still very lacking. Also the pedals seem to be rather high, the whole seating layout feels too upright and more akin to driving a commercial vehicle than a two door hatch.

2013 Kia Proceed Review - Rear Seats - carwitter

Rear seat leg and headroom is pretty good, an adult would be comfortable enough on short journeys. Boot space is generous too at 380 litres, the rear seats split 60:40 to give yet more space if it’s needed.

2013 Kia Proceed Review - Rear Angle - carwitter

Such stunning looks normally come at a price, and at £20,595 you can see Kia’s are no longer cheap.

SE trim adds quite a lot of luxury features, but at a £2k premium we would opt for the S trim level, it’s still generously kitted out. The 1.6 CRDI engine would be the one to go for, it drives well, has only 100g/km of emissions and also achieves great MPG to boot!

2013 Kia Proceed Review - Front Close - carwitter

Carwitter Summary:

Kia Pro_ceed – Stunning looks, soft quiet ride, great stereo, tad pricey, good MPG

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