A Year Without F1 – Part 2

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A Year Without F1 Formula 1 carwitter 491x368 - A Year Without F1 – Part 2 - A Year Without F1 – Part 2

Those of you who have read part one will have an idea of what I am trying to achieve with this article and, now that the vast majority of the motor sport schedules have been finalised I have been able to pretty much finalise where – technically – I would be going if I were  doing this for real.

Unfortunately, a few of my original suggestions for the “trip” will be unavailable due to a hectic schedule.

As a result I shall not be making a virtual trip to the Indy 500, also not appearing on the calendar is any DTM or Formula Renault 3.5 or the Macau Grand Prix due to the non clash with F1 dates.

However, we will be losing 2 wheels on more than one occasion! – ‘bikewitter’ anyone??

That said here is the (provisional) first half of the “alternative F1 season” we hope that there is something for everyone and maybe help bring a few lesser known motorsport disciplines into the open.

  1. 16/3/14 Australian GP – Bristol 500 NASCAR
  2. 30/3/14 Malaysian GP – Indy Car St Petersburg Grand Prix
  3. 6/4/14 Bahrain GP – WRC Portugal
  4. 20/4/14 Chinese GP – WEC Silverstone
  5. 11/5/13 Spanish GP – Euro F3 Pau
  6. 25/5/14 Monaco GP – WTCC Austria
  7. 8/6/14 Canadian GP – IOMTT
  8. 22/6/14 Austrian GP – Nurburgring 24 hours
  9. 6/7/14 British GP – Asian Le Mans Series – Korea 3hr
  10. 20/7/14 German GP – Japanese Super GT Sugo 300
  11. 27/7/14 Hungarian GP – Blancpain 24 hours of Spa

2013 Winning Le Mans Audi R18 e tron Goodwood 2013 carwitter 491x340 - A Year Without F1 – Part 2 - A Year Without F1 – Part 2

One thing you have probably noticed reading down the calendar is that the Le Mans 24 Hour race is missing but fear not, the event falls on a non F1 weekend and will of course be covered here by the team!

The second half of the season is pretty much finalised with one slot to fill and will be published on site during the F1 “shut down” in August.

Like I said, hope there’s something for everyone and I’ll see you all (metaphorically) in Bristol (Tennessee – not Somerset) for some rubbin’ and some racin’, and for those of you that have been lucky enough to visit any of the destinations on the above list, you’ll have to fill in the “Bill Bryson” stuff yourselves.

Enjoy the ride, I know I will.


Written by – Tom Taylor



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