Why Audis Are The Top Dogs

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If you have an interest in cars, then you may have noticed that something we’re seeing more and more of, is the four rings logo – Audi. They were already a great choice of car, but as the years go on we are seeing more and more of them on the roads. But have you ever asked yourself why they make such an amazing choice?

Audi’s come in many shapes and sizes from big SUV’s to small hatchbacks, so there is a vast selection out there for everyone. But why choose Audi?

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They’re bang on trend.

Let’s face it, there’s no denying that an Audi is one hell of a fashionable car. You see top celebs driving them around, and for good reason – they’re beautiful and well built. 

They always have an air of style to them regardless of whether they’re an old vehicle, or a brand new one. They are designed to meet people’s desires  and aspirations, ever increasing numbers of people want to own an Audi. 

If your finances can’t stretch to a brand new model, then pre-loved Audi’s can still be a great investment. Choose from nearly new models, previously used company models or go further back in time and buy yourself a classic model. The benefit of buying a Used Audi is that these cars have been driven and any snags from buying brand new have been caught and rectified. These cars are previously loved with plenty of life left in them.

They recreate the definition of comfort.

Audi’s have a pretty big reputation all around the world for designing some of the best interiors. Minimalist with a ton of optional extras, from heated seats, to different stitching on the dashboard.

They are always well laid out with everything you need in front of you within reach, without feeling as though you’re cramped or pushed into a small space. The controls move fluidly with ease, making you feel as if you’re not having to do any of the work. And the materials that are used are always of the highest quality to provide you with the utmost comfort.

And this is so important to drivers, especially when being stuck in traffic – an Audi finds a way to even make that scenario a pleasurable one.

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They offer great deals.  

When you buy an Audi, it already comes with a generous four-year warranty, which means that if for any reason something goes wrong with the vehicle the manufacturer will either repair or in extreme cases replace your car for free during those first four years.

But not only that, they also give you the opportunity to add on extra warranty if you think you’ll need that protection for longer, by allowing you to buy Audi factory extended warranty. Giving you that peace of mind that you need when owning a car, it’s one less thing you need to worry about.

They have such a range on offer.

Regardless of what you do for a living or what kind of lifestyle you live, there is always something out there for everyone. Whether you’re a high earner who owns their own business and only likes luxury to get your from A to B. Or whether you’re a Mother of three who has a structured routine full of School runs, weekly shops, and group lunches. From a super-mini or a super car, to a family SUV, there’s an endless amount of variety, so take your pick.

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They have the newest tech around.

Audi are famous for having top of the range technology. Take the MMI infotainment system as an example – otherwise known as the Multi Media Interface, it offers you a built in navigation system so that you can find your way around, as well as Bluetooth so that you can connect things like your phone directly to it.

It’s all controlled by using a touchpad so minimal effort is required. 

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They build the best racing cars.

Audi’s are not only made for general consumers. They also build their products for some of the best racers from all over the world. They provide a need for speed that only the best manufacturers are able to produce, meaning race car tech will ultimately end up in your car.

They cover a whole spectrum of technology and methods that are applied to every car that is made. As well as the obvious safety components that make a difference to any buyer, as that is the first thing people tend to look at.

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They make going green fun.

Electric cars are starting to become ever more popular because not only do they protect our planet with the zero emissions and a low cost to maintain but they’re easier to drive. Audi are one of the leading companies who are developing electric vehicles, as well as plug-in hybrids that look and feel like any other car, without the fossil fuel guzzling engine. 

Audi A3 E Tron Front 700x494 - Why Audis Are The Top Dogs - Why Audis Are The Top Dogs

So what more convincing do you need? There are so many benefits that go with choosing an Audi, all you need to do now is figure out which one is best for you. And if you still feel as though you need a little more convincing, just know that even Iron Man drives an Audi. What more do you want?!


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