What’s the best looking ev home charger?

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When we set out to have a home charger installed, we wondered the above question: What’s the best looking EV home charger?

So many of them are just plain ugly; little or no thought has gone into the majority’s design to make them aesthetically pleasing. I mean, if it’s going to be stuck on the front of your house or garage visible to all, you want it to look decent, right?

However, a few options do look good and won’t end up looking a monstrosity. We’ve put together our pick of the best looking and neatest EV home chargers available for installation in the UK.

Spoiler: We ended up opting for the Rolec Wallpod; it was just the best all-round proposition.

  1. Andersen A2
  2. EO Mini Pro 2
  3. Wallbox Copper SB
  4. QUBEV
  5. Rolec Wallpod

The best looking EV home charger, our pick

Andersen Q2 EV Home Charger carwitter - What’s the best looking ev home charger? - Andersen Q2 EV Home Charger - carwitter

1. Andersen A2

Top of our pick is the Andersen A2; it is, without doubt, the most stylish, premium and best looking EV home charger on the market.

You can pick what colour you like for both the front panel and the main body. You can even opt for hard-wearing, sustainably-sourced Accoya wood in four different shades.

Featuring a top opening flap, the A2 totally hides the tethered cable, which for us, was one of the biggest no-no’s. Ugly dangling cables on the side of your house just look terrible. Andersen’s solution is the sneakily hidden cut out between the main body and front panel, concealing everything nicely.

Charging speeds are currently 7kW up to 22kW, depending on what your home setup can handle. It’s IP65 rated, has an LED display on the front to show you the current charging status, and handily the cable comes in various lengths if your car is that bit further away.

The A2 measures 348mm wide, 494mm tall and sticks out 156mm from the wall.

Price-wise, yes, it’s obviously costly as it’s the prettiest, and at £995 including VAT, you’ll need to add the cost of installation on top of that.

It’s all manufactured in the UK, too, win.

EO Mini Pro 2 EV Home Charger carwitter - What’s the best looking ev home charger? - EO Mini Pro 2 EV Home Charger - carwitter

2. EO Mini Pro 2

If small and unobtrusive is your bag, then the EO Mini Pro 2 is ideal; it’s currently the smallest EV home charging solution available in the UK.

There’s a choice of colour too; black, white, blue or grey, and can be had either in socket form or with a tethered cable – both are Type 2.

Max throughput is 7kW for both models, with charging controlled via an app.

Measuring in at just 125mm wide, 175mm high and sticking out 125mm from the wall, the Mini Pro 2 is ridiculously small and neat. Naturally, we’d opt for the socket type as what are you going to do with all that messy cable?

Pricing is £595 fully installed with the OZEV grant, or £945 without the grant for the socket version. While the tethered model comes in at £665 with the grant and £1015.

As with Andersen, EO is UK based, and their products are made here too.

Wallbox Copper SB EV Home Charger carwitter - What’s the best looking ev home charger? - Wallbox Copper SB - EV Home Charger - carwitter

3. Wallbox Copper SB

Another minimalist looking home EV charger is the Wallbox Copper SB, it can also be used in a business setting, and it boasts charging speeds of up to 22kW to match.

It’s still an excellent option for home users as it’s incredibly slick-looking with a gloss black glass front makes it one of the best looking ev home chargers and its fully covered Type 2 charge port looks nicer than most.

It supports 7.4 kW, 11kW and the aforementioned 22kW charging; there’s also adjustable current from 6 to 32 Amps.

As this is mainly a business-orientated device, some of the other options are extra, so 3g/4g connectivity is extra if Wi-Fi or an ethernet connection aren’t available. You can also use RFID cards if required, which could work well if you have a rental property or a house of multiple occupancy.

Measuring just 192mm wide by 260mm high, it protrudes just 113mm from the wall.

Price-wise, the Wallbox Copper SB is currently £979 without the government grant.

All Wallbox products are manufactured in Spain.

Qubev EV Home Charger carwitter 1024x1024 - What’s the best looking ev home charger? - What’s the best looking ev home charger?


One of the newest to market and looking strikingly similar to the EO Mini Pro 2 is the QUBEV. It’s also the UK’s lowest cost fully featured EV home charger.

In terms of size, it’s marginally bigger than the EO model, measuring in at 200mm high, 150mm wide and sticking out just 100mm from the wall.

It will only charge at 7.2 kW, but that’s fine as that’s what most people will have at home. It’s body is IP65, and the socket is IP54 rated, with the chargers black finish being UV stabilised.

The charge rating can be changed from 6A, 13A, 16A & 32A by removing the front panel. There’s also an LED light that tells you the charging status.

There’s no intelligent control or scheduling via an app as, well, there’s no way to link it to anything ‘connected’. So it’s simply a plug in and charge affair.

But with prices at £299 including VAT, it makes for a ridiculously cheap EV home charger which you can self-install – you’ll need an electrician to perform the final hook up though.

The QUBEV can also be purchased direct via Amazon, which none of the others can boast on this list.

Oh, and it’s designed and built in the UK.

Rolec Wallpod EV Home Charger carwitter 1024x1024 - What’s the best looking ev home charger? - What’s the best looking ev home charger?

5. Rolec Wallpod

This is the one we opted for, the Rolec Wallpod, mainly due to the vast colour combinations that can be specced, making it genuinely unobtrusive.

It’s also one of the best value for money propositions, with the socket version being fully installed from just £445 including VAT. For that price, you get GPRS smart connectivity with green, scheduled charging via the EV Energy app.

The customisation is second to none when it comes to EV home chargers, you’ve probably seen it in its garish white and green, but we opted for grey on black, which makes it blend in and nearly make it look like a run of the mill external power socket.

You can also spec orange, red, navy blue, grey; you name it, they’ve got it.

Rolec Wallpod EV Home Charger 001 carwitter 1024x576 - What’s the best looking ev home charger? - What’s the best looking ev home charger?

In terms of the design, it may not be the best looking ev home charger, it’s more a one size fits all approach, as the upper section on the Wallpod EV Homesmart (the one you can get grand funded for home install) is just blank with a section of writing on.

It would be better if there were something like an LCD screen with a percentage bar to fill that space. In other forms, this usually houses RCD breakers or the gubbins for an RFID reader.

It charges at either 3.6kW or a maximum of 7.2 kW, depending on what your property can handle. It features a built-in modem, sim card and antenna to allow smart communication. The body is also IP rated, and UV stabilised.

Measuring 367mm high, by 179mm wide and sticking out 142mm from the wall, it’s not the smallest of units on our list, but we believe it’s the best combination of cost, features and looks.

EV Energy App 1 508x1024 - What’s the best looking ev home charger? - What’s the best looking ev home charger? EV Energy App 2 508x1024 - What’s the best looking ev home charger? - What’s the best looking ev home charger?

Controlled by the EV Energy app, you can check on charging status, start or stop charging, leave it to smart charge (when the CO2 cost of the energy is at it’s lowest), or ‘boost’ to charge straight away. It will also send you notifications.

You can also see the total energy usage, so it makes for an easy way to monitor how much you’re spending on juicing up your electric car.

We’ve emailed EV Energy support twice regarding adding our Shell Energy tariff, which they did within a few days; the second time was to add a new vehicle to their app – Peugeot 508 SW Hybrid, which again they actioned in just days. Their customer service is excellent.

An LED on the outside of the Wallpod lets you know the current charging status, or blinks away to let you know it’s all connected and ready.

Rolec is based in the UK, where all their products are manufactured.

Our full Rolec Wallpod review can be found here.

Rolec Wallpod EV Home Charger 002 carwitter 1024x576 - What’s the best looking ev home charger? - What’s the best looking ev home charger?


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