What Do You Need to Know before Buying a Tesla

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Tesla has been a significant player in the car-making market since the 2010s. However, at first, due to their products’ high prices, not that many people had the chance to drive their electric cars. The situation changed where they have set the cost of the Model 3 to be more affordable. As a result, now a lot of people think about going greener and owning a Tesla.

However, there are some things everyone should be aware of before making such a vital decision. To make it easier for you to decide if you should get such an electric car or not, we have prepared a list of essential information on Tesla Model 3, along with some FAQ and answers to them. We hope they will turn out useful for you!

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Homelink Not Included

You need to know that if you want to buy Tesla Model 3 (no matter if it is the standard or all the way up to performance), you will not get Homelink by default. It is the ability to open your garage without getting out of your car, so it is a very convenient feature. However, it comes with a licensing fee, so if you want to have it along with your Tesla, you have to pay $300 extra.

If you are ready to cover this additional cost, Homelink hardware will be installed in your new car. Nevertheless, keep in mind that adding new features and having a full custom garage creates more opportunities for a breakdown, and you may need specialistic garage door service and repairs sooner or later.

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No Real Full Self-Driving Capability

In order to describe their vehicles’ active safety and semi-autonomous driving features, Tesla applies such terms as “Full Self-Driving Capability” or “Autopilot.” The second one is a standard function, but for the first one, you have to pay $8,000 extra while ordering your new car (or you can get it later as an over-the-air upgrade). Both of these names suggest something like Level 4 or Level 5 autonomy, meaning that a vehicle can operate on its own, without any actions on the driver’s side.

The truth is, that is not what Tesla provides. Their current autonomous driving features (that we need to admit, are among the best on today’s market) can be classified as Level 2, which means that permanent driver’s attention and hands on the wheel are still required for a safe drive. A real Full Self-Driving Capability, providing access to Level 4 autonomy is something Tesla aims at, but is still working on.

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Software Updates

Some Tesla owners claim that after you buy it, you may feel like you get a new car after every software update. Keep in mind that it can happen every week, or at least once a month. They are over-the-air updates, so all you need is a stable internet connection.

Every time there is a new one installed, you will get a notification from the mobile app, and thanks to the release notes, you will know what has been changed. They can be just simple bug fixes (particularly after a major release), but they can also be brand-new exciting features.

Apart from that, the maps are also updated over-the-air, so you do not have to worry about getting lost on a new route when something has recently changed in the city. If you are a person who likes the fact that the product is continuously being improved, even a long time after buying it, Tesla Model 3 may be the right car for you!

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You may have a lot of questions concerning buying a Tesla, and we will try to provide clear answers to at least some of them!

1. Is There Any Recommended Repair Service Provider for the New Tesla Cars?

Absolutely! There is a famous workshop called the Electrified Garage, created by technicians who have been previously working in Tesla factories for as many as 11 years. They were starting with the Signature Model S and the original Roadster and finishing their work there with the Model Y. To adapt their services to your needs and financial capabilities, they can use high-quality Tesla car parts or aftermarket parts. Interestingly, they do not only buy already made parts but also design some on their own. They can do almost anything with your Tesla Model 3, from repairs through maintenance to customization. Interestingly enough, they even use a YouTube channel to present their work!

2. Can I Charge a Tesla in a Normal Household Plug?

Yes, the Tesla Model 3 comes with a charging cable that can be easily plugged into a regular household plug. However, if you want your vehicle to acquire the essential energy faster, it is recommended to use the supercharging network provided by Tesla. There are over 16,000 Superchargers located all around the world, with over 900 being situated in the United States. To find the nearest one, you can enter a destination in the center display, and your Tesla car will show you the closest locations, taking into account the time left for driving on the remaining charge.

3. What Do I Need to Do Before I Get My Car?

Buying an electric car is not that hard. First, you need to log in to your Tesla account online. There, you can find all the information concerning the delivery, as well as confirm the date, and check what documents have to be ready before the delivery date. Later, a delivery specialist from Tesla will contact you and guide you throughout the process, answering all your questions and clarifying all your doubts. It can also be a good idea to download the Tesla app at this point to familiarize yourself with it before your Model 3 reaches you.

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There are some things everyone should know before buying a Tesla. For example, you should be familiar with the reasons why Model 3 is more affordable than the previous ones – some features have been subtracted from it, like the one allowing you to open garage doors remotely. However, you can still buy such an improvement as an additional feature. Also, this model does not yet have a full self-driving mode – it will facilitate your driving to a large extent, but you have to keep an eye on it to avoid an accident.

Moreover, buying a Tesla means you will not be visiting gas stations anymore, but instead, you will be able to charge your car either at home or at dedicated superchargers. Apart from that, be ready for frequent updates, but it is not necessarily a bad thing – they can fix the bugs and make the car even more convenient to use.

It is also worth knowing that Tesla is very customer-friendly, and they carefully guide every client throughout the whole buying process. Also, in case anything happened with your vehicle, or if you just want to either upgrade or customize it, you should remember about the Electrified Garage, created by former Tesla technicians!

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