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Van Hire Do’s and Don’ts

7 Dec , 2017  

Hiring a van has become increasingly easy these days. You can even hire them by the hour from your local DIY store if need be.

There’s really no need to get professionals involved to move your stuff. Whether you’re looking for van hire to move house, or just get the garden shed home there are a few van hire do’s and don’ts to take into account.


  1. Planning

Make sure you work out exactly the size van you need. You can hire everything from small city vans to extended wheelbase Sprinters.

If you’re moving the family piano, you’ll probably need a van with a tail lift, this will cost more.

You’ll end up paying way more than you need if you get the biggest van available. But if it saves multiple trips it’s worth it.


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  1. Compare

Naturally there will be more than one hire company in your area. So, make sure you compare the options on a like for like basis.

Is insurance included? If so what does it covered? Are there any mileage limitations?

Read the full terms and conditions so you aren’t caught unawares after the rental.

Oh, and pay for any deposit over £100 on your credit card. In case the company goes bankrupt or run away with your money.


  1. Check

When you go to collect the van check the documents over. Make sure no extras have been tagged on, and confirm what you’re signing for.

Go outside and give the van a walk round. Note down any damage inside and out. You don’t want to pay for someone else’s bump. Or lose your deposit for that reason.


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  1. Documents

You’ll need to take your driving licence and probably a DVLA check code. For this you’ll need your national insurance number and a quick visit to this website.

Don’t forget to take your credit card to pay the deposit. You may also need a current utility bill to prove you are who you are.


  1. Driving

If this is your first van hire experience, driving one is rather different to your little hatchback.

Firstly it’s going to be bloody huge. Remember there’s about 10 foot behind you, so when you reverse take it slowly or get someone to guide you in.

The same goes for junctions and the like. Vans are slow and you have masses of metal to shift out the way of oncoming traffic.

Parking them is also the same, be careful and don’t crunch it.


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  1. Return

When you hand it back do the same as you did before. Walk round it, make sure there’s no damage and everything’s present.

You need to return it with the same level of fuel as you picked it up with.

If you’re dropping it off out of normal hours, make sure you leave the keys in the right place. You don’t want an awkward phone call from the Police.


  1. Lastly

Check your credit card bill a few weeks after the van hire. Make sure you haven’t been billed for any ‘extras’.


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