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Toyota ME.WE Concept

30 Apr , 2013  

Toyota ME WE Front

Toyota and Massaud design studio have come up with an “Anti-crisis” car, the ME.WE.

The interesting bits:

  • Electric powered
  • In wheel motor technology
  • Weighs just 750KG
  • Body panels weigh just 14KG
  • Bamboo used for flooring
  • Tubular aluminium structure
  • Polypropylene recyclable body panels
  • Panels easily moulded to a personal design
  • Car is a Pick up, convertible, off roader and city car all in one
  • 2 Wheel drive & 4 wheel drive modes available
  • Luggage is primarily roof carried, but can be put in an extendable pick up like section
  • Rear seats can be moved and stored under the front when not needed
  • All windows and doors can be opened even the windscreen

Car will be on display at Toyota’s brand experience centre on the Champs Elysées in Paris.

Toyota ME WE Inside

Toyota ME WE Peronalised

Toyota ME WE Peronalised 2

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