Tips to Sell Your Used Car

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Whether you need to replace a worn out car with a used one in better shape or want to get rid of your used car after buying a new one, selling it is the best way to convert your old car into cash. Here are a few tips to sell your used car. We’ll also explain why these tips are essential to your success.


Know What It Is Worth Before You Hit the Market

Whether you want to buy a car in Charlotte or sell it, know what the vehicle is worth. Use car valuation websites to determine its value based on its model, age and current condition.

Then you don’t sell or trade-in a car for less than it is worth, and you don’t lose out on a deal because you demand they lower the price. Use this information to set your asking price or know what you can reasonable ask when extending an offer.

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Give Your Car Curb Appeal

Most people understand what curb appeal means, though the term is generally applied to real estate. Cut the grass. Trim back the bushes. Clean up the yard and get rid of the junk piled up around the front door. You need to do the same sort of clean up of your used car if you want to get top dollar. Wash it. Clear out the trash. Have the seats cleaned. If possible, clean up the upholstery.

You may not be able to remove the dings or dents. However, you shouldn’t just repaint affected areas. Two-tone paint jobs suggest the car was badly repaired after an accident. Make minor repairs that will help sell the car. For example, replace badly worn tires. Car buyers will deduct the cost of new tires from your list price.

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Know That You Don’t Have to Accept the Dealer’s Trade-In

There are several variations of this advice. First, you don’t have to trade in your old car when buying a new or better used car. You have the right to sell it to a third party, and you’ll often get more than what the dealer would give you.

The dealer generally offers less for your current vehicle because they’re taking their markup on the car into account. Second, you can negotiate the trade-in value of your current vehicle. This is as negotiable as the price you’d pay on the new or next used car. Note that the dealer has a set profit margin for the transaction, so they may offset the higher value assigned to your trade in by refusing to lower the price of the new car.

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Get Your Paperwork in Order

Know the vehicle VIN number so that the customer can quickly search up the vehicle history report. You’ll get extra points if you can produce maintenance logs or show them the vehicle history report yourself.

Make sure you have the title and it is in your name only. Know if you still owe money on the car or have a loan against it, and if so, how you can pay it off so you can legally sell the vehicle.

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