Time for a change…….of Tyres?

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If most of you arent aware its Tyre Safety Month! DO NOT YAWN AND STOP READING!

  • 205 people have been killed or seriously injured this year through illegal, defective, or under inflated tyres
  • This is a 8% increase over 2011 figures
  • In 2011 alone the AA and RAC attended more than 825,000 tyre related breakdowns
  • Driving with bald tyres means a fine of up to £2,500 and 3 points on your license for EVERY illegal tyre!

Next time you go the the car, fish around in your pocket and find a 20p, stick it in the tread of the tyre and make sure the border of the 20p is covered by the tread. If not………you need new tyres!

Also, tyres pressures should be checked regularly! Once a month at a minimum! Correct PSI can be found either on your vehicle or in the handbook.

150711tyr Legal tread depth - Time for a change.......of Tyres? - 150711tyr_Legal_tread_depth


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