2018 Hyundai Kona Electric 64 KWh Review Close Angle carwitter 400x266 - Hyundai Kona Electric 64 kWh Review - Hyundai Kona Electric 64 kWh Review

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Hyundai Kona Electric 64 kWh Review

3 Oct , 2018  

An affordable EV that travels 300 miles on a single charge has been the pipe dream for us in the media, and buyers for the last few years. Now it’s here. Hyundai announced they were releasing an electrified version of the KONA when the car launched, any further information than that was rather scarce, we […]

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2018 VW eGolf Review Rear Angle Close carwitter 300x199 - Trying to drive 100 miles in an EV in 2018 - Trying to drive 100 miles in an EV in 2018

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Trying to drive 100 miles in an EV in 2018

11 Aug , 2018  

After driving a Tesla around Northern Europe for five days last year, and steering a Renault Zoe around town for a week we thought it was time to see if a pure electric vehicle is really feasible in 2018. So we kindly asked to borrow a Volkswagen e-Golf for a week. I’d then drive it […]

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2018 VW eGolf Review Main carwitter 300x199 - 2018 VW e-Golf Review - 2018 VW e-Golf Review

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2018 VW e-Golf Review

6 May , 2018  

VW are about to release their ‘all-electric’ I.D. platform, making this the last ever e-Golf…and it’s only in its second coming. But you’ve got cto think of the e-Golf as the stepping stone, the impractical made practical. VW have done a better job than even Ford can muster, in gutting a fossil fuelled vehicle and […]

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2018 Renault ZOE 40 Review Front Scene carwitter 300x199 - My week with ZOE - My week with ZOE

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My week with ZOE

23 Feb , 2018  

Electric cars are hot topic and they’re only going to become ever more mainstream. You might even find yourself considering a change to EV driving. The EV Experience Centre in Milton Keynes, is the best place to see what EV cars are out there, and crucially you can book a test drive. They also offer […]

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