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Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works – Simply Incredible

18 Jun , 2017  

A few days ago you may have seen we Tweeted a ton of seriously cool JLR stuff, if not…pay attention! It was one of those hit or miss invites via email, ‘would you like to attend the opening of’ it’s always a tricky one. Is it worth your time, what content will you get out […]

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Car Features

Were The Old Ones Really The Best?

17 Jun , 2017  

It’s such a cliché, isn’t it? The old ones were the best. But it’s such an age old debate when it comes to cars, the styles change with the times, and newer drivers are looking to the future. Driving as an experience is just getting easier and easier over time. The amount of things like […]




London Classic Car Show 2015 – Review

17 Jan , 2015  

First impressions are very important, so thankfully for the organisers of the first ever London Classic Car Show we couldn’t have been more impressed by theirs. We arrived on Saturday to find the Excel arena a thriving mass of excited people, petrol and beautiful metal.Well, half of it anyway, the West portion of London’s premier […]

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