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2016 Citroen C4 Cactus Ripcurl Review

27 Nov , 2016  

The Good Funky, unique styling, matched with Peugeot’s awesome Grip Control function. The Bad Nothing! The Ugly That infotainment system. Peugeot have this neat little system called ‘Grip Control’, it’s a fake four-wheel drive system that just runs on the driven front wheels. It’s pretty trick, working with the traction control and ABS to brake individual […]

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Audi S1 Review

14 Oct , 2016  

I’d like to meet the man responsible for putting a 2.0 litre turbo charged engine, coupled with Quattro all-wheel drive into a car the size of my shoe. I hope it’s one man in Ingolstadt that nobody really takes seriously, but occasionally he is let out from his mad invention room and someone takes a […]

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Peugeot 308 GTi Review

1 Oct , 2016  

Peugeot are back with a family sized hot hatch. The last time this happened it was 1997 and the 306 GTi-6 would hit 60 from a standstill in 8.5 seconds. Oh how times have changed. This latest performance 30X model has had the 270 BHP RCZ R engine shoehorned into it. From just a 1.6 […]

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2016 Suzuki Swift SZL Review

17 Sep , 2016  

The last time we had our mitts on the Suzuki Swift SZ-L was way back in 2013, three years on we went to back to see what the latest iteration had to offer. Starting at £11,149 it has jumped in price since our last outing. Still fitted with the rev happy 1.2 litre lump making […]


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2016 Kia Pro Ceed GT Review – Still a winner

5 Aug , 2016  

Kia’s first stab at the hot hatch market was a welcome addition to the segment, they pretty much nailed all of the key points. This year they have given it a mild tweaking just to keep it fresh, we took a Yellow Flame model for a spin to see if it’s still a winner. Kia […]


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Toyota Yaris Hybrid Review – Worth the money?

2 Jul , 2016  

If you’re in the market for a frugal, economic hatchback then a hybrid would be the right thing to buy right? Well that’s what Toyota would have you believe, queue the Yaris Hybrid. We have always been intrigued to see if it can really live up to the stereotype most people have regarding hybrid tech, […]

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2016 Honda Civic Sport Review

14 May , 2016  

There’s no denying that we are big fans of the diesel sipping 1.6 iDTEC Honda engine. We have banged on about it here, here and here. However! New for 2015 Honda have updated the Civic once more, this time a more major overhall front and rear keeps the family hatch mainstay up to date with […]


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2016 Suzuki Baleno 1.0 litre BOOSTERJET Review

11 May , 2016  

Baleno is back! In another car name revival the Baleno sits marginally above the Swift…but in the same segment. Think of it as a Swift with a bigger boot if you will. Priced from £12,999 the SZ-T model comes with six airbags, 16 inch alloys, HID headlights, air con, sat-nav, DAB radio, USB and Bluetooth, […]


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DS Automobiles DS 3 Review

9 Mar , 2016  

The DS 3 is a structurally integral formative piece of the puzzle that is the DS Automobiles brand. A subsidiary of PSA Peugeot Citroen, DS Autos has enjoyed revealing itself atop the bow wave of success that DS 3 has cultivated over the past six years and 2016 sees that break out motorcar come home […]


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2015 Honda Jazz Review – Not for old people

28 Feb , 2016  

When you think of the Honda Jazz you think old people. Geriatric drivers with no special awareness veering across the road. These are the usual suspects when it comes to Jazz drivers. To see why they love them so much we took the brand new model for a spin. Sitting in eye popping ‘Attract Yellow’ […]


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Vauxhall ADAM S Review

26 Feb , 2016  

Now the only time I have come into contact with a Vauxhall ADAM was at a test event where I drove an entry level 1.2. It was the single most frustrating drive in a long, long time. It was completely gutless, walking felt quicker, and I haven’t heard much better regarding the 1.4 either… So […]


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SEAT Leon Cupra 280 Review – Ultimate hot hatch

18 Jan , 2016  

When people think of a hot C segment hatch the default thinking is Focus ST or Golf GTi. But VAG offer something more potent than a GTi, not quite as quick as an R, and less money than an S3. The SEAT Leon Cupra 280. Fitted with the VAG mainstay, the 2.0 litre turbo charged […]