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2014 Porsche Cayman Review – Precision Instrument

15 Aug , 2014   Video

We have had some quick drives in Porsches before, and the Cayman was very impressive…so we asked for one for a week long test. Our Guards Red Cayman is fitted with a 2.7 litre flat six engine, producing 271 BHP and 290 Nm of torque. This propels the 1330 KG car to 60 in 5.5 […]


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Subaru BRZ Review – Analogue

12 Jul , 2014  

So we test drove the Toyota GT86 back in 2012, we felt it was a good driver’s car but the interior let it down. We got the chance to have its twin brother the Subaru BRZ for a whole week to see if it changed our minds. The Subaru BRZ costs £23,995. For that money […]


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Jaguar F-Type S Coupe Review – Still the one to buy

20 Jun , 2014  

Having previously driven the almighty F-Type R Coupe, we had to find out if the middling V6 setup was still the sweet spot in the range. Our test car came in at £73,395 after having £13k of extras thrown at it. Most notable were the 20” Tornado alloys – £1,250, 770w Meridian Stereo – £1,700, […]


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Jaguar XKR-S Review – A dying breed

23 May , 2014  

A few months ago Jaguar announced they were killing off one of their biggest cats, the XK. We had briefly driven the XKR-S and had been mightily impressed with it, so with the guillotine now looming we simply had to fully review this mighty beast. The XKR-S is fitted with Jaguars performance mainstay, the supercharged […]


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Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Review – Tamed beast

2 May , 2014  

Last year we tested, and loved the Jaguar F-Type range, but I have never been a fan of cabriolets…now there is a full Coupe F-Type hitting the streets; naturally we had to try it out. We opted for the top of the range V8 monster, the R. It is fitted with the same engine found in […]


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2014 Peugeot RCZ THP 200 Review – The one to buy

17 Apr , 2014  

Peugeot’s sexy coupe has been out for a few years now, meaning it’s time for a midlife facelift. Having driven the THP 156 model last year we thought it was about time we drove its bigger brother, the THP 200. Its 1.6 litre turbo charged engine provides – yes you guessed it – 200 BHP, […]


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Lotus Exige S Review – Track beast

12 Apr , 2014  

Recently, we headed East over to Lotus in Norfolk, for a factory tour and a go in their Exige line up. The small English sports car maker builds around 2,000 cars a year, pretty much all by hand! On a tour of the factory we saw the cars take shape, starting from a box of […]


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2014 Morgan 3 Wheeler Review – Old school

28 Mar , 2014  

Morgan first built a 3 wheeled car back in 1909, in fact it was their very first car. In 2011 they decided to revisit the 3 wheeler once more, based on the classic shape of the 1937 Super Aero, but with more modern underpinnings. Power is provided by a 1976cc S&S 2 cylinder motorbike engine, […]


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Jota Mazda MX-5 GT Review – How it always should have been

14 Mar , 2014  

So you like Mazda MX5’s…no you love Mazda MX5’s well we have something a little bit special! Jota, renowned Le Mans and GT motorsport company came up with the Jota MX5 GT Concept in 2012. A year later and it saw the light of day, along the way it lost its turbo and some of […]


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Peugeot RCZ R Review – A whole new RCZ

26 Jan , 2014  

Peugeot’s RCZ is stunning to look at, almost a body double of the original 2007 concept it outclasses any other coupe – 10,000 have been sold in the UK alone. But its always been more show than go, whilst the THP 156 is fairly nippy, you just feel it needs a bit more oomph. Well […]


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2013 Honda CR-Z Review – Sporty and eco?

31 Dec , 2013  

Honda released the CR-Z in 2010, the idea behind it was to make a car that was “sporty, incredibly efficient and inexpensive”. It is the spiritual successor to the CR-X, a compact sports car from the 80’s, to me it’s more like the second generation Honda Insight, it has a similar look in many ways. […]


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2013 Bentley Continental GT Review – Fast luxury

23 Nov , 2013  

Bentley released its first generation Continental GT back in 2003, fast forward 10 years and over 50,000 examples have been sold. We hopped into a second generation W12 to see why they are so popular amongst the more affluent of this world. Starting at £139,700 for a W12 powered GT Continental it sits above Aston […]