Regular Car Checks Every Motorist Should Do

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As a motorist, it is important that you take care of your automobile to keep it in good working condition so that it remains safe, reliable and practical on the road.

Unfortu-nately, many car owners neglect their vehicle and this can result in unsafe driving and possibly even an accident. There are regular checks and maintenance tasks that should be carried out on a regular basis – read on to find out what these are.


Much like a pair of shoes, it is important that your car is running on a good set of tyres and this will make sure that the car is driving safely.

Every two weeks, be sure to check the pressure of the tyres and the general condition (or before leaving on a long drive). Top up the pressure if you need to and look out for any cuts or bulges.

Engine Oil

Every month, it is important to check your engine oil level as vehicles can go through up to a litre of oil every 1,000 miles. Do not wait until the warning light comes on as damage may have already occurred by then so check that you are always in between the minimum and maximum amount (overfilling can also cause damage).

This is also something that should be done when checking over a used car from a reputable deal-ership like Shelbourne Motors.


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Once a week you should check that the coolant level is between the minimum and maximum amount. You should always do this when the engine is cool. If the level always seems to be low, look for any leaks.


The lights should be checked weekly (most modern cars will have an onboard com-puter which will tell you if one is not working) and clean any dirt off of them to make sure that they are shining brightly.


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Always keep a lookout for windscreen damage and if you spot any chips or cracks get them repaired or replace the windscreen as soon as possible. If left, they can grow and create much larger cracks.

Windscreen Wipers

The wipers should always be cleaned whenever you clean your car to prevent smear-ing. Many motorists like to replace their wipers once a year and this is a good practice as they are cheap and easy to replace.


The screenwash should be checked and topped up on a weekly basis as it is required by law to work properly. It is particularly important to check on a regular basis if you drive in muddy conditions or if you are about to set off for a long drive.


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Emergency Kit

Once a year you should take a look at the toolkit/emergency kit that you have to make sure that you have everything you need. This should include a spare wheel, locking wheel nut, a jack, water, food, warm clothing, a blanket etc.


Check that all of the electric work in the car on a weekly basis. This can be easy enough to do whilst you are driving or simply when you are parked – any problems should be fixed as soon as possible.


It is also important to regularly examine the bodywork of the vehicle for signs of damage or rust. This is easy enough to do when you are cleaning the automobile, which most motorists do once a month (but you may want to do more often if you regularly drive in difficult conditions).


These are the main checks that a motorist should carry out on a regular basis. It is important to do these checks as they ensure that the car is operating properly and could even stop you from getting into an accident or the car from breaking down, so always take the time to carefully carry out the above checks.


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