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Rapid Car Check Review

10 Jun , 2019  

There’s one thing you must do before you ever put money down on a second hand car, check it’s history. It takes minutes to do, costs very little, but could save you from thousands in the long run.

A quick search online will ping up many online car checking services, one of the newest however is Rapid Car Check so we thought we’d check out the history on the PROJECT106GTi to see just how quick the service is and if it threw up and skeletons in the 106’s closet.


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What is it?

Rapid Car Check is just like any of the other car check services you can find online, however the main paid for service is the ‘Deluxe’ car check. This includes everything you need to know about a car. Other companies often provide checks at a lower cost but don’t always include all the data you should really be checking, Rapid Car Check gives you everything for just £8.99.

They do offer a free check, his aggregates all the basic info you can find in different places into an easy to ready format. It will check the make, model, colour, engine size, body type, BHP and year registered. It will also show you the MOT and tax status.

There’s also a lower cost ‘Standard check’ for £2.90 but this omits vital data like outstanding finance, log book loans and a valuation.


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Rapid Car Check scours numerous databases to check your vehicle history, these include finance, written off, stolen, imported/exported, scrapped, if the plate has ever been changed along with the MOT history.

What’s it like?

As the name suggests, Rapid. The great thing about Rapid Car Check is that you can pay with PayPal. That means no hunting around for your card, just enter your PayPal details and within seconds your car check report is ready to read.

You can also pay with a card, but that’s not as quick and hassle free as PayPal.

Naturally we’d already checked our little Peugeot 106 GTi many years ago before we purchased it, so this made a great comparison to see what info Rapid Car Check came up with. Naturally it passed everything being a super clean example of a future classic 😉

It correctly identified the logbook date, engine number, end four digits of the VIN along with the correct number of owners plus the recent spate of MOT failures.

Rapid Car Check puts all this together on a single page to see, no expanding sections for you to miss, no links to other sections, just a clear and simple page with all the info on ready for you to print.


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Where can I get one?

Head on over to Rapid Car Check to get your own, just make sure you go for the ‘Deluxe’ check, it’s also backed with a £30,000 data gaurantee, so if the info they give you is wrong you can claim back the costs.


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