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OnStar finally arrives in the UK

30 Jun , 2015  

Nearly 20 years after the launch of OnStar at the Chicago Auto Show the UK will finally get the vehicle safety system.

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Being a General Motors thing, OnStar will first be seen on the Vauxhall range. The European HW will be based in Luton, creating 120 jobs.

As well as the UK, OnStar will be available in 13 other markets across Europe, including Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

OnStar Vauxhall UK - Buttons - carwitter

The system features a 365 24/7 contactable OnStar advisor via the dedicated SOS button built into the roof of the car.

If an airbag deploys the OnStar team will contact you to make sure everything is ok. They can also direct the emergency services to your exact coordinates as the vehicle’s position can be tracked via GPS at all times. (Except if you press the Privacy button, and then don your tin foil hat).

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You can also download the OnStar app which allows you to contact OnStar from anywhere, check oil life and tyre pressure, remotely lock and unlock the car, locate the car, honk the horn and flash lights, send destinations to the cars sat nav and manage the 4G built in wifi hotspot.

Hopefully this is the start of industry wide connected cars!

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