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Mazda MZD Connect

26 Sep , 2013  

Mazda MZD Connect - carwitter

Mazda have unveiled a new ‘human machine interface’ dubbed MZD Connect. It will be seen first on the new 2014 Mazda 3.

Working together with the user’s smartphone the system can read out text messages, and interpret commands. Users will also be able to use Aha, a cloud based streaming service that includes internet radio, news, podcasts and audio books.

Mazda will also offer their own apps, such as eco-display and maintenance reminders. A range of applications and services will grow over time.

The system works via Bluetooth or USB.

Looks like they have gone down the route of the odd – stick on looking touch screen as Mercedes have done. Not so keen on that. Doesn’t sound like we are quite at the Hyundai Connectivity Concept stage just yet!

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