How To Go About Buying Your First Car

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Buying your first car can be an exciting experience. You may have just passed your driving test, and you will have worked long and hard to get the skills to be awarded your pass certificate. In addition to this, you may have saved all of your spare money and will finally have enough put away to buy your first vehicle. 

There are a lot of things that you should think about, and you should not just buy the first vehicle that you see with the right price tag. Stop and think about things, and do some research before you buy. 


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Car Insurance

One of the biggest expenses for newer drivers is the cost of car insurance. You will be deemed to have considerably less road experience than many drivers, and the expectation is that you may well be overconfident and as such more liable to put yourself into more dangerous driving situations. 

There are two things that you will be looking at when it comes to car insurance. Firstly, you will want to find an insurer that offers fair prices for newer drivers, and secondly, you will want to see how much the cars that you are interested in buying will cost you to insure.

It is no good buying the car, only to find that once you have it you will be unable to afford to make the insurance payments. 


Buy A Used Car

You may be taken in by the lure of the shiny paintwork, and the finance options that are available to you. Don’t get taken in though, buying a new car comes with plenty of risks. You will need to think about what will happen in the event of crashing and writing the vehicle off before you have finished paying it off. 

Used cars may not be so glamorous but they are cheaper. They will also be a bit more forgiving if you crunch the gears a few times while you get used to them too. 


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Set A Budget

When it comes to buying your first car you will need to set yourself a strict budget. You may have more money saved, but it is worth going in lower. You may need to get some work done to the car such as having the tyres or breaks replaced.

There will always be ongoing issues that will need to be dealt with, and you should keep a bit of money back in the bank to deal with problems that emerge. 


Breakdown Cover

There are many practicalities that go along with owning your own car. You will need to think about what you will do if your car breaks down. Get yourself some good breakdown cover that will pick you up wherever you are and drop you at a garage.

You may want to think about including services such as getting a lease car while yours is off the road, and the option to have you taken to your destination. 


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Research The Car You Are Buying

Most first time buyers will tend to favour a used car. This is generally because they are cheaper to buy in the first place. If you are looking at a particular car, go and see the vehicle. If you are able to, take someone who has experience with cars, and who maybe knows how to identify common problems.

If there are issues with the vehicle, a seller may not be forthcoming with that information, and you may only find out later on down the line that you have been sold a car which is riddled with problems. 

Ask to see all of the car’s paperwork and service history. You will be able to see if the vehicle has ever been written off as a result of a car accident. Often, when this has happened and is resold it may not be explicitly mentioned.

This is where doing your due diligence will benefit you greatly. There may well be safety concerns with buying a car that has been in a crash. 


Take It For A Test Drive

Finding the right car for you will mean driving a few. It may take you time to adapt to a different vehicle than the one you learnt how to drive in. Allow yourself time to adjust to the different positions of the controls and the way that the car handles. 

Make sure that you are buying a car that you can handle. You may be tempted by a bigger, higher-powered car like a hot hatch, but consider this wisely if you have learnt how to drive in something much smaller. 


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