V8SFrontCarwitter 300x225 - A look around the new Bentley Continental GT V8S  - A look around the new Bentley Continental GT V8S

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A look around the new Bentley Continental GT V8S

6 Mar , 2014  

You’re a fairly small luxury car manufacturer whom usually outputs swift comfortable limousines and elegant leggy coupes, and you’re now pushing a performance variant of the latter. What’s your marketing strategy going to be? Luckily, if you are Bentley, it may be within your capacity to draft in a couple of gems from your pocketed […]

Ferrari 250 GTO Carwitter w1024 300x189 - A visit to Nick Mason's car collection - A visit to Nick Mason's car collection

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A visit to Nick Mason’s car collection

28 Feb , 2014  

When someone said “one of these recently sold for about $46,000,000, but this one hasn’t sold for a while”, you knew we weren’t in a normal garage. This was one belonging to  Nick Mason, the man behind the sticks in Pink Floyd, and Carwitter are here due to our friends at Zircotec. Housed in two […]

LaFerrari Under Wraps 300x200 - Your Move Ferrari - Your Move Ferrari

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Your Move Ferrari

24 Feb , 2014  

The media/PR juggling game in the motoring world is perhaps at its least and most relevant in the domain of the hypercar. A breed of automobile that makes an appearance every ten years or so when the likes of Ferrari, Mclaren, Porsche and so on see fit to exercise their technological prowess. On one hand […]

Vauxhall VXR8 Bathurst S Badge carwitter 300x200 - The History of VXR - The History of VXR

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The History of VXR

20 Feb , 2014  

Sam Bisby from Stoneacre Motor Group brings you a guide to Vauxhall’s tuning arm – VXR. Vauxhall long had a stigma of being perhaps a little on the boring side, and often lost out to its rivals as a result of offering a range of tepid models. However, not only is Vauxhall now at a […]

Audi Mechanic Garage Workshop carwitter 300x200 - GUIDE: Car Service Plans - GUIDE: Car Service Plans

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GUIDE: Car Service Plans

17 Feb , 2014  

Although it may seem an added expense to your monthly motoring costs, A Service Plan is an investment to consider. Booking your car in for a service is always a bit of a pain… You know keeping your wheels in working order is vital in all manner of ways, but you’re only human if you […]

New York Auto Show 2013 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG 300x200 - Are motor shows getting too much? - Are motor shows getting too much?

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Are motor shows getting too much?

13 Feb , 2014  

Once upon a time there were a handful of major motor shows, in fact you could count them on one hand. Geneva, Tokyo and London are the biggies that spring to mind from the 70’s. Fast forward to 2014 and it seems a new motor show is springing up in every corner of the globe […]

FtypeRCoupeRearSpoiler 300x225 - Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Preview - Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Preview

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Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Preview

10 Feb , 2014  

Before Mr Tudor-Lane undoubtedly gets his hands on it and begins nursing himself later in the year, I managed to get a brief look around Jaguars forthcoming coupe version of its fantastic premium sports car- the F-Type: currently touring the countries dealerships. Its safe to say i’m a minority here, but upon first seeing the coupe […]

Kaz Pushing The Virtual Divide Documentary carwitter 300x165 - Kaz: Pushing The Virtual Divide - Gran Turismo Documentary - Kaz: Pushing The Virtual Divide - Gran Turismo Documentary

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Kaz: Pushing The Virtual Divide – Gran Turismo Documentary

9 Feb , 2014  

We mentioned a few months back that Sony was in the process of creating a film length documentary on Kazunori Yamauchi, the father of the Gran Turismo series. It was expected to be released in December time, but now its finally here. So sit back and enjoy the next hour and 24 minutes.

Soft Roader Trio carwitter 300x225 - Uber Soft-Roaders: The next big performance Niche?  - Uber Soft-Roaders: The next big performance Niche?

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Uber Soft-Roaders: The next big performance Niche?

8 Feb , 2014  

It can be argued that there are three factors that have defined the growth of the automotive industry post millennium. Technology: leaps in which have been herculean over the past 14 years, environmental challenges and, to be discussed further here, the emergence of niches. These are partitions of the marketplace that were previously simply non […]

Car Under Cover carwitter 300x225 - Building A Dream Car - Building A Dream Car

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Building A Dream Car

8 Feb , 2014  

I am a dreamer, and I can’t help it. When I’m on the road, driving a canyon, sometimes I feel like I’m fulfilling a dream.  I’m in the driver’s seat.  I’ve got a machine around me.  It’s my suit of armor to attack the roads and challenges that lie ahead. Sometimes, I wish I had […]

Car Buying Considerations Main carwitter 300x225 - GUIDE - Car Buying Considerations - GUIDE - Car Buying Considerations

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GUIDE – Car Buying Considerations

6 Feb , 2014  

Buy what you need A car is the second biggest purchase that most people will make in their lifetime, so whenever you decide to buy a new one, it’s important to make a wise decision. Think carefully about what you are looking for in a car; do you need a large family car? Do you […]

A Year Without F1 Formula 1 carwitter 300x225 - A Year Without F1 – Part 2 - A Year Without F1 – Part 2

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A Year Without F1 – Part 2

6 Feb , 2014  

Those of you who have read part one will have an idea of what I am trying to achieve with this article and, now that the vast majority of the motor sport schedules have been finalised I have been able to pretty much finalise where – technically – I would be going if I were […]