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So you’ve got more than one car, maybe it’s a project, a classic, or just a second car you won’t be using over winter.

Car storage is incredibly expensive in the UK, and while you can pay the likes of Historit and Storacar a fortune every month, there’s a far cheaper way that I’ve been using for the last four years now.

Empty garages.

Many people have a garage they simply don’t use, either it’s filled with boxes from moving house that were never unpacked, or the owners are too lazy to open and close the garage door at the end of each day to park their car inside.

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Finding cheap car storage

The best places to find empty garages are either your local Facebook community group (make sure it has a lot of members) or a website called Nextdoor – which is basically the same as Facebook just for neighbours and mainly moaning about the small trivial things in life, like fireworks and dog poo.

Most larger houses have double garages, renting out the additional is ideal, but even so, single garages on smaller properties can be a great shout, especially if the owner doesn’t have a car or is elderly.

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But how cheap is cheap?

Well I’ve been renting my current garage for £40 a month for over a year now, before that I managed to find another for £50 a month.

Go in with a low offer in the advert, say you’re looking for a garage to store your car in for 6 months etc for £40 a month and see who replies.

If that offer is too low then bump it up to £50, but I’d never pay any more than that.

It’s by far the cheapest way to store your car, even in an old warehouse I was being charged £70 a month!

Most people will snap your hand off at £40 a month cash in hand for doing nothing.

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What precautions should I take?

Yes it is a risk, but how much of a risk is up to you.

If you own a Jaguar E-Type, then this probably isn’t the setup you’re looking for.

I’d make sure you have a written agreement between you and the garage owner, just something informal to say:

I, *insert name* am storing *insert car, reg, model* for XX months. Property owner is *insert name* and agrees to this on a rate of £40 per calendar month, payable on XX date.

Print two copies, sign and date both and that’s your agreement should anything go wrong.

Make sure you ask if anyone else has access, or will they also be using the garage (ideally not!).

Do I need to tell my insurance company?

If it’s just for a month, I wouldn’t bother. But if it’s going to be long term, say 6 months or more then yes. Tell your insurance company it’s in storage and in a garage at this new address.

What should I do to the car when storing it?

I’d lock it, leave the bonnet open then remove the battery.

A car without power is far harder to steal, it will also take would be crims a lot longer to thieve, thus likely putting them off.

Adding a steering wheel lock on your car also helps, the best rated is the Stoplock HG 150 Pro Elite, so don’t bother buying anything else they’re a waste of time.


There you have it, we’ve saved you hundreds a year in car storage costs. You’re welcome!


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