CarPro Self Healing Clear Coat

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We love a clean car here at Carwitter, from washing your car of a weekend to fully blown detailing sessions.

But there are things in life you can’t protect against…

Whether it’s a crazy ex, a stone, or a graze from another car, scratches really pee you off. Car Pro have come up with a solution though.

They have developed a new polymer coating with molecular memory. Once sprayed on after the cars normal 3 stage painting the Immortal Self Healing Clearcoat is applied. It is then cured and provides protection against the elements and external contaminants long term.

Car Pro Immortal Bond Structure carwitter - CarPro Self Healing Clear Coat - Car Pro Immortal Bond Structure - carwitter

When the clear coat becomes damaged and the bonds are broken the structure of the polymer deforms. But due to the way the structures are built they will always reattempt to relink those bonds, this restructures themselves and self heals any scratches, swirls or stone chips to just melt away in front of your eyes.

CarPro Self Healing Clear Coat Immortal carwitter - CarPro Self Healing Clear Coat - CarPro Self Healing Clear Coat Immortal - carwitter

This tech has been around for a while, but usually it requires heating up to self heal. Car Pro’s Immortal works at room temperatures of 0°-Celsius (32°-Fahrenheit), and at room temperature of 20°-Celsius (68°-Fahrenheit).

In all of CarPro’s longevity tests they haven’t been able to degrade the clear coat. It resists organic acids, caustic chemicals, harsh solvents, industrial fallout, UV-fading, and yellowing from environmental exposure.

It does make us wonder how easy it is to correct if it becomes damaged. Normally you can buff our swirls and damage to the clear coat with a machine polisher. But with this being a plastic type top layer it looks a lot more involved to correct severe damage.

Handily though it can be used by aftermarket refinishers, meaning the option could be there to go back and have this type of paint protection added to your classic motor.

Now if only we had this on our 106 GTi…


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