Car Vs Motorbike: Which is Best For Your Lifestyle?

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When you’re deciding on a vehicle that’s right for you, a car seems like the obvious choice. Since you can do pretty much everything you can do on a bike in a car, they tend to suit most people.

Cars provide shelter from bad weather, storage space to carry stuff and the ability to take more than one passenger too- however for some people, a bike is still the better option.

If you answer ‘yes’ to the questions below, then it could be worth switching out your trusty car to a motorbike instead.


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Do You Do Most of Your Journeys Alone?

Do most of your journeys involve you going to and from work, running errands and visiting loved ones by yourself? Perhaps you live alone, or maybe your partner has a car that they use for things like shopping and ferrying the kids about in. If you’re in the car by yourself for most of your journeys then do you really need a car?

A motorbike can be quicker and more convenient, you can filter through traffic so no need to wait in long queues- it could make your commute and other journeys far quicker. One of the main things to consider when switching from a car to a motorbike (even if you mainly travel alone) is storage space.

If you need to carry large loads then a car will be your best option, however there are ways you can get around needing to carry things on a motorbike. It’s all about distributing the weight, in many cases wearing a backpack or securing a pack to your bike can be done safely and allow you to carry things like groceries.


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Are You on a Budget?

Owning a car is expensive. You could be paying for finance for the vehicle itself, on top of this you have car insurance, tax, fuel and repair costs to take into consideration. Of course, you have these costs to pay as a motorcyclist, but as a general rule they’re a lot cheaper.

The bike itself will likely be cheaper, the insurance, tax and the motorbike parts to repair it if it goes wrong. Since motorbikes are less complex than cars, a lot of the time when things fail you might be able to change them yourself instead of relying on expensive garage labour. One of the biggest ways you will save costs is with fuel, motorbikes use far less than cars.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t actually make them any better for the environment, as studies have shown that while they use more fuel, cars in many cases are cleaner. So if the environment is one of your reasons for considering the switch you might want to think again.

But if money is a motivator, you’ll certainly save yourself some cash by riding a motorbike instead of driving a car everywhere.


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Do You Enjoy Motorbiking?

Importantly, before making the switch to a motorbike, you need to know if it’s something you enjoy doing. For some, it’s absolutely thrilling and exhilarating but for others it’s terrifying.

The thing to bear in mind is that motorbiking is much safer than people think. For the most part, cars are very conscious of bikers and will give you plenty of time and space to get out of the way. With full vision of the road and the ability to hear everything better than in a car, you’re also more aware.

Bikers tend to be more careful than car drivers, and so take less chances and make fewer silly mistakes. You need to know if motorbiking is for you, even if you already have a full driving license you should take some motorbike lessons if you’ve not ridden before, these will show you how to control the bike and also give you important safety tips.

These lessons can help you to work out if motorbiking is for you before taking the plunge and buying one yourself. Don’t just get a motorbike as a way to save money as you might end up regretting the decision; especially when it’s a rainy day or you’re having to take extra steps to carry items (when throwing them into a car would have been so much easier). If you genuinely enjoy biking it makes all of the minor inconveniences worth it, and is likely something that will work for you long term.


Do you own a motorbike, or would you consider switching out your car to get one? What would be your reasons for or against doing so?


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