BMW M2 Revealed

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Finally! Four years after the limited and brilliant 1M came and went, it’s spiritual successor is among us.

It has developed what seems like a cult following over the last year or so, for the legacy of it’s predecessor lingers incessantly. Indeed, M2 has big shoes to fill, and BMW has no intention of it being petit footed.

21012045712112821986 700x466 - BMW M2 Revealed - BMW M2 Revealed

1714089865627829655 700x466 - BMW M2 Revealed - BMW M2 Revealed

8609031361635894316 700x466 - BMW M2 Revealed - BMW M2 Revealed

It’s endowment is as follows: 364bhp coming on full song at 6500rpm and 465nm of torque courtesy of a 3 litre twin turbo 6 cylinder engine which is transferred to the rear wheels via either a 6 speed manual or a 7 speed DCT.

All that torque is available from 1450 through to 4750rpm, too. Quite a trouser muscle given it shrugs off 35 kilos of weight over it’s weedier M235i sibling. 62mph is dispatched in 4.3 seconds and 4.5 seconds for DCT and manual respectively with the standard issue 155mph limit being imposed once again.

Underneath, a suitable amount of M3/4 carries over with key suspension components and engine gubbins making this a true thoroughbred M car.

1095608341863763924 700x466 - BMW M2 Revealed - BMW M2 Revealed

Aesthetics wise, well, it looks just about as good as everyone hoped. An appropriately aggressive front facia is throttled back compared to its M4 sibling with the changes looking much more natural than on it’s overly angry bigger brother.

At the back there is suitable junk in the trunk with the new 265 section rear tyres filling the 80mm widened arches nicely. The trademark M exhaust set up sits well too. There will be more aggressive M Performance visual upgrades available if you find the standard car a bit soft jawed. On the inside it’s pretty standard 2er with a smattering of carbon fibre and M colour stitching. As with the exterior, there should be a slew of M Performance upgrades available.

1450444836341226089 700x466 - BMW M2 Revealed - BMW M2 Revealed

512638797751937002 700x466 - BMW M2 Revealed - BMW M2 Revealed

Truth be told it’s no more and no less than what we were expecting and what we wanted, and thats no bad thing. It fills the 1M sized gap in our hearts perfectly, and then some. We expect great things from what will likely be one of the finest driver focused M cars in recent years.

Yours for £44,000 from April 2016.


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