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Lots of money is placed on all different types of racing events around the world on a regular basis. The most common is horse racing as you’d expect, but there are still lots of betting done on other sorts of racing, one type being those involving cars.

There’s a distinct difference between horse racing and racing which involves cars though. With horse racing, primarily you are betting on the horse rather than the jockey, with motor racing it’s the other way round. You’re betting more on the driver than the car they’re racing in.


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Obviously the car or car manufacturer does play a role, so you do have to take that into account, but ultimately it’s the driver and their abilities as well as tactics that will decide if they are to be successful or not.

The driver is the one who makes things happen, but you do have to keep in mind the marque. For example, over the years we’ve seen the likes of Fernando Alonso go from being at the top of his game to a sort of an ‘also-ran’ since switching manufacturers.

You also have to take into account another key factor when it comes to automotive betting and that’s the track. Some cars, manufacturers and drivers simply favour one track over another. They seem to prosper there over anywhere else.

It’s similar to football in the sense that some teams just have great records against others, regardless of current form or other factors.

So it’s important that research is done prior to any race in order to see the past winners and which drivers or car manufacturers seem to do well at that specific track.


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The main research point should always be current form. As with anything, be it sport or whatever, momentum plays a huge role and when a driver is on fire, he tends to continue in the same manner for quite a while.

Again, looking at F1, Sebastien Vettel led the way for a long time before Lewis Hamilton knocked him off of his perch and he has managed to cling to top spot.

Some people may take pot shots or back outsiders, but, according to the bookmaker Unibet, if you want to be profitable when betting on motor racing, whatever the type, it’s important you know who’s doing well at the time. Always check the leaderboards.

Something that also plays a part that many people seem to forget when it comes to betting is the weather. Any type of racing is affected by the weather in some capacity.


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With automotive betting, the weather can play a huge role when it comes to deciding who wins and who loses. Some cars just aren’t built for say wet conditions, it just doesn’t suit them. That’s why you’ll often here experts discussing the form of some drivers in specific weather conditions.

As with any form of betting, you should always do your research. It will give you a slight edge which should help you to win more than you lose.

As with anything though, there are always freak results but while you should bear that in mind, you just cannot factor it into your thinking as it’s impossible to do so.


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