Back-to-school tips for your car

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We hope you had a great summer – but now school time is here again. So it’s more important than ever to make sure your car is as safe as possible before hitting the road!

To help with your back-to-school preparations this year, FBD Insurance has put together these handy tips.

Here are a few things you should check to ensure your car is back-to-school ready…

  • Seatbelts and car seats – Children are the most vulnerable passengers we carry. So they need to be properly buckled-up and protected at all times. Always check your seatbelts and ensure child seats or booster seats are correctly fitted and used in line with legal guidelines.


Children Road Trip carwitter 1024x682 - Back-to-school tips for your car - Back-to-school tips for your car


  • Child locks and window locks – For peace of mind, make sure that the child locks and window locks in your car are activated before making any journey with children.
  • Inspect your lights – Before you know it the days will be shorter and you’ll need your lights more and more. Using your lights allows you to see and be seen, protecting children both inside and outside the car. Check your break lights, headlights and tail lights. Turn your lights on while the car is parked and inspect the entire vehicle to make sure all lights are working.
  • Keep up with basic maintenance – Make sure the following tasks are completed, using a suitable mechanic where necessary:
    • Keep your car windows and lights free from dirt, washing your car as often as needed
    • Simple maintenance tasks like oil changes and tire checks or rotations are a must
    • Check all the fluid levels and top them off as required, including brake fluid, transmission fluid and coolant. Clean fluids help your engine run smoothly, while dirty fluids can cause damage to your car
    • Even the windshield wiper fluid needs to be topped-off to ensure you have good visibility in poor weather
    • Wiper blades need regular replacement too, usually every six to twelve months
    • Also, check your batteries. They only last three to five years.


Child In Car carwitter 1024x680 - Back-to-school tips for your car - Back-to-school tips for your car


  • Emergency kit – Even when you’re taking good care of your car on a regular basis, it’s important to be prepared for an emergency. Items that you should keep in your car include: a flashlight, jumper cables, hazard triangle, fire extinguisher (choose a small one that’s easy to store), rain ponchos, a blanket, and even a small amount of cash.

Have safe school year with these tips from FBD Insurance! Do you need help with covering your car? Contact FBD Insurance today to learn more about their car insurance plans.


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