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Aston Martin 100 years

17 Dec , 2012  

astonmartin100 1 1024x682 - Aston Martin 100 years - Aston Martin 100 years

2013 sees Aston Martin celebrate its centenary with a year-long calendar of exceptional events.

The events include:

  • 15 January – Aston Martin A3 and Vanquish GT at Henniker Mews (original home of AM), Chelsea for a photo op
  • 15 January – Evening lecture in central London featuring the A3 and Vanquish GT
  • 15 – 21 July – Week long celebration for owners and enthusiasts, open house activities at Gaydon HQ, including factory based events and driving tours
  • 20 July – 1,000 guest “birthday party”
  • 21 July – Centenary Concours event in central London

There will be a number of “Centenary” drives, including Bond themed locations around England and Wales, a drive through the Highlands and the Islands of Scotland. A Gumball style rally of six european countries, in six days will also be held.

In Aston Martins first 90 years fewer than 15,000 cars where produced. Since its move to Gaydon in 2003 the firm has built 45,000 vehicles.

Aston export 75% of its annual production to 146 dealerships in 41 countries.

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astonmartin100 - Aston Martin 100 years - Aston Martin 100 years

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