5 Tires We Recommend for Your New Car

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It is only when the tires fail, that most car owners realize the importance of their tires. However, the tires are the only part of the car which touch the ground, carry the weight of the car, so it is important to select the right tire. If the car has the right tire it can make driving the car safer, improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle and also make it more comfortable to take a ride in the car.

There are a large number of car tires available at various tire sellers, so car buyers have to spend some time selecting the right tires for their vehicle, so that they get the best performance and also value for money. You also need to remember that it’s important to replace your car tires for any season at the right time.


5 Tires Recommended for Your New Car are described below:

1. Michelin Defender

The Michelin Defender is one of the most popular tires for minivans and cars and performs well in dry weather. It offers good fuel efficiency and comfort for the driver. It is a safe tire, designed to brake quickly, even in wet conditions.

However, the tread of the tire gets worn out quickly. In areas where there is a lot of snowfall, these tires should be replaced by winter tires. There’s a write up on ShedHeads for these tires.

2. Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max

The Assurance Fuel Max from Goodyear is designed for passenger vehicles, especially smaller cars. These tires are popular because they are inexpensive and promise reduced fuel consumption since they have a low rolling resistance. The large tread area of the tires, ensure that the braking performance of the tire is better than average in both wet and dry weather conditions.


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3. Kelly Edge All Season Tires

The Kelly Edge tires from Goodyear are one of the many brand extensions of Goodyear. These tires are some of the most inexpensive tires available in the market, and are available in a large number of sizes, making them suitable for most types of cars in the market.

Since these are inexpensive tires, they are harder and the rolling resistance of the tire is also higher, increasing the fuel required to some extent and the ride is also not so comfortable. However, other than electric cars, these tires can be used for most vehicles.

4. Continental Truecontact

The Truecontact tires are the standard tires from Continental, which is the fourth largest tire manufacturer in the world. The car tire has a low rolling resistance, leading to better fuel economy, and offers a comfortable ride. The wet braking performance is average. However, the treadwear warranty of 90,000 km is more than that for most of the tires available in the market.

Oh, and did you know Continental are the number one tyre supplier in the UK? We learnt lots more on our recent trip with them on their Black Chili Driving Experience.

5. Nexen CP series

Though Nexen is not a very well known tire brand, their CP series car tires, are inexpensive compared to other more reputed brands, while offering similar quality. The tires have four grooves and perform well even in wet weather, offering a smooth and comfortable ride.

Despite being soft tires, the material used is of good quality and the tires will last for a long time. However, while selecting tires, the car owner should take suitable precautions so that he gets the best possible tires for his car.


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Some tips for selecting the right car tire and enhancing their life are provided.

Replace car tires at the right time

It is important to replace the car tires at the right time. If the car tires are more than 10 years old, it is advisable to replace them, because the rubber tires are exposed to oxygen. In other cases, it is important to check the car tires for cracks, tread-wear, discolouration, other damage periodically and take the right decision.

Ensure that the car is well maintained

The tires are fixed to the car, and if the car is not well maintained the life of the tires will be reduced and there may be safety problems. Uneven wear of the tires indicates that there is a misalignment of the wheels or suspension related issues, so it is important to fix these problems at the earliest. The tires will wear out quickly in a misaligned car and will have to be replaced more often, so it is recommended to get the car checked at the earliest.

Check the owner’s manual and placard for tire information

The car owner should have information on the recommended tires for the vehicle, and this information is usually provided in the owner’s manual as well as the placard with the car.

Understand the tire code

The car owner should understand the tire code which is defined to conform with federal law, so that he can purchase the right size of tire for his car. The code describes whether the tire is used for passenger cars, light trucks, the tire width, aspect ratio, radial construction, diameter of wheel compatible with the tire, load carrying capacity of the tire, tire speed rating, and mud, snow conditions.


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Selecting the wheels

It is important to select the right wheels for the tire, which match the tires properly. For optimal performance, the wheels should match the original wheels of the manufacturer, else the amount of fuel required, will be more, and safety, driving comfort will be affected.

Complete set of tires

Though a single tire may be replaced in an emergency, it is always advisable to replace all the four tires of the car at the same time since the suspension technology in most cars, works best with a matching set of tires.

Inspect the spare tire

It is advisable to check the spare tire periodically to ensure that it is usable during emergency. While replacing the tires, the tire in a better condition should be kept aside as a spare.

Purchase the tire online or from a catalogue

For saving money, the vehicle owner can purchase tires online or from a catalogue. Many online sellers will also include tire installation in their price.

Maintenance of the tires

It is advisable to check the tires periodically to ensure that they are properly inflated. In addition to increasing the mileage of the car, well-inflated tires will also allow the driver to use the tires for a long period of time.


So in conclusion, while the price and quality of the car tire is important, it is advisable to also spend some time to understand the main factors affecting the performance of a tire before making a choice.


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