5 Tips to selling your motorbike

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Whether you’re in urgent need of cash, or you’re planning to upgrade to a new model, selling a used motorbike is not always an easy task.

Here are some tips which might help you before selling your bike. How can I sell my bike fast and at a reasonable price?


Know your bikes value

Having a good working knowledge about your bike will help you assess the right price and will also give you credibility as the owner. If the buyer knows more about the motorbike than you do, chances are he or she will offer a lower price than its true worth.

Research the specs of your bike and discuss all past repairs and any modifications with the prospective buyer. It;s a good idea to share your experience with the bike, and explain its advantages. 


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Create online advert

With millions of people connected to the internet, posting an online advert is a quick, effective, and low-cost way to sell your motorbike fast.

There are many popular buy-and-sell websites in the UK including eBay, Gumtree, Etsy, and Folksy which charge minimal fees for every item sold. Just make sure to include the complete specs of the bike and to add as many high quality pictures as you can. Make the post clear and easy to understand, that way you’ll attract more buyers.


Prepare the documents

Preparing the necessary paperwork beforehand makes the transaction between the yourself and the buyer fast and smooth. Some of the bits that you need, include ownership documents with your name and the motorbike’s VIN number, safety certification, bill of sale, and so on. 


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Clean it up

It’s reasonable for people to be sceptical with regards to used vehicles. Cleaning it will definitely attract more buyers and also increase its value.

You don’t need to spend too much on minor repairs, but make sure that there are no visible dents and scratches. Lightly polish the exterior, clean up the tires and chains, and make sure that the engine runs smoothly.


Don’t allow everyone for a test ride

After a potential buyer has checked all the parts of the bike are working properly, you can let them loose for a test ride; but on one condition.

During the test drive, the buyer must let you keep a sum of money that you have agreed on. Insurance also helps…but if the motorbike is returned undamaged, then they get all of the money back.

This helps to prevent further damage on your motorbike that may ward off potential buyers in the future.


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