3 Apps To Improve Your Safety While Driving

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You can’t always predict the actions of other drivers, but what you can do is ensure that you always practice safe driving habits, to avoid a collision.

Many factors contribute to a safe driving experience, and so it can be helpful to have a few support tools. Make a start today by downloading these three apps.


Fobo Tire 1024x384 - 3 Apps To Improve Your Safety While Driving - 3 Apps To Improve Your Safety While Driving

  1. FOBO Tire

FOBO Tire is an app for monitoring tire pressure on-the-go. There are plenty of key features to take advantage of, including 24/7 monitoring, tire sensor replacement, and alerts for flat tires.

Driving around without the right tire pressure can reduce the performance of your car, or potentially cause an accident. To stay safe while on the roads, this app is a great shout. FOBO Tire is suitable for use with all types of car, whether it’s an EV car or a standard vehicle.


DriveSmart 1024x863 - 3 Apps To Improve Your Safety While Driving - 3 Apps To Improve Your Safety While Driving

2 . DriveSmart

DriveSmart is an application which is designed to help users to improve their driving skills, and become a safer driver. The app functions by recording your speed, and collecting data about how to brake, accelerate, and your reactions to signals.

DriveSmart mutes any text messages and sends your calls directly to voicemail. As soon as the app detects that your car is moving, it starts tracking your driving. With this app, you’ll get an analysis of your driving habits, and a DriveSmart certificate (once you’ve traveled 100km).


Car Minder Plus 1003x1024 - 3 Apps To Improve Your Safety While Driving - 3 Apps To Improve Your Safety While Driving

3. Car Minder

Car Minder is an app that can help you to track your car maintenance needs. Driving a poorly maintained car can be dangerous, but with Car Minder, you can ensure that you’re up to date with those maintenance checks. With this application, you can monitor fuel consumption, tire rotations, oil changes, and more.

You can log in your repairs, services, and fill-ups. The application also offers handy data about recent and average mileage. You’ll receive notifications about when your next maintenance check is. Other features include service history records, service intervals, fuel economy graphs, and gas logs. 


Maintaining your car properly is crucial to staying safe on the roads,  If your vehicle is giving you too many issues it might well be time for an upgrade. For a top-quality range of used and new vehicles, be sure to check out the ford centre.

For further options to improve your driving experience, consider purchasing a Car Heads Up Display. Besides this, taking a defensive driver’s course may also be a useful investment, to improve your driving habits.



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