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The 2015 Ford Mustang Is Rooted In Music

21 Dec , 2013  

2014 2015 Ford Mustang Front- carwitter

The 2015 Ford Mustang is a proper redesign.  Set up as a global car, it is designed for a customer base that is international, not strictly for the United States.  But, you read the title and think, how is it rooted in music?

Ever follow a band for up to ten years?  Ever notice how a band’s sound changes over time?  “Nothing is ever good as the original,” some may say.  “They have changed their sound, and I don’t like it,” others may say.

1964 Worlds Fair Mustang - carwitter

The same can be held true for the automotive world. When it comes to historic cars, the original Ford Mustang will never be topped. The chassis was based on the Ford Fairlane and Ford Falcon. The design of the original Mustang at the right price point made it a huge hit in the United States. Hundreds of thousands of cars were sold within months.

Just to contrast the volume of what that number looks like, as much hype as the Scion FR-S (Toyota GT86) has received in the past two years, over 15,000 units have been sold within the first 12 months. That in itself is considered a success for the market.

Basically, within four days of the original Mustang being put to sale, it outsold the Scion FR-S for an entire year! When one considers how much the population has changed in the past 49 years from then to now, the number is outstanding.

2014 2015 Ford Mustang Rear Angle - carwitter

The Mustang has changed its sound. The front hood is more flat. The stance of the car has a bit more squat. The rear view of the car is newly rounded.  I can even see Aston Martin-like proportions of the cabin in relation to the hood line and rear decklid.

Fortunately, they deviated from the original concept design and added similarities to the previous generation Mustang. The original concept had a Ford Fusion-like front end, a cabin that was too low and tight, and a nearly non-existant rear deck.

Once the front end added headlights similar to the previous generation, and lower facia with a larger open grille, the Mustang face was created. It looks sharp, refined, and still aggressive. It’s no longer an outright muscle car, it is now a sports car.

2014 2015 Ford Mustang Rear Angle Vert - carwitter

Given that the target price hovers around $25,000, the competition remains the same.  When the previous generation was released, it was possible to get a stripped-down Mustang for under $20,000. The $5,000 difference though, is worth it.

The base will come in a v6 form with over 300 horsepower. The redesign may allure customers that were once interested in the Toyota GT86 or Hyundai Genesis Coupe. This car is a better alternative to both for those who want the horsepower and torque, without the stigma of dated muscle car handling. The Mustang finally arrives with independent rear suspension as well.

I am personally happy to see that the Mustang has changed its tune.  It may just be enough to sway me away from a Scion FR-S down the line.

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Mike Garcia - Feature Writer / US Correspondent