The Small Van Plan

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When your van is your business lifeline, you need to have something that’s going to keep you on the road with reliable performance and room to transport you and all your equipment.

In this blog we take a look at three of the best commercial vehicles on the market, perfect for you and perfect for your business.


Volkswagen Caddy

One of those names that you know you can rely on. The Caddy handles so well, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were driving a car. The other great thing about the Caddy is the space, there’s plenty of it whether you choose from the short wheelbase or long wheelbase version.


VW Caddy Black Edition Front carwitter 1024x683 - The Small Van Plan - The Small Van Plan


Many traders worry about how economical their van will be, particularly if they’re travelling frequently between sites or jobs. The Caddy has the benefit of being an economical drive without compromising on performance.


VW Caddy Black Edition Rear carwitter 1024x683 - The Small Van Plan - The Small Van Plan


Fiat Doblo Cargo

A name that’s making itself a serious contender when it comes to choosing a commercial vehicle is the Doblo. Much like the Volkswagen, the space is more than sufficient but unlike the Caddy it has much more in the way of specifications to choose  from. You might need more roof space, or a slightly more specific body style. You’ll find it easy to customise the Doblo around your exact needs.


Fiat Doblo Cargo Front carwitter 1024x682 - The Small Van Plan - The Small Van Plan

Fiat Doblo Cargo Rear carwitter 1024x682 - The Small Van Plan - The Small Van Plan


Reliable and roomy, this is a great option if you’re looking for a van with a lot of styling options.


Mercedes Benz Citan

When you think of some of the bigger vehicles on the market, the name Mercedes often springs to mind and with a long history of producing reliable, performance ready vehicle it’s a name that carries with it a lot of weight.

That’s why you know you’ll find the Citan a great ride. Not only can it do the job in terms of space and payload, you get the comfort and quality that comes from a company who knows how important these qualities are to its commercial market.


Mercedes Benz Citan carwitter 1024x769 - The Small Van Plan - The Small Van Plan


These three giants are going to be everything you need when it comes to choosing a van to take your business on the road. Now you just need to start the process of buying one up. Buy new from a dealership or take the time to shop around and find yourself a bargain from somewhere like the california group. Do the research to find a van that ticks all the boxes that you need for your business.


Mercedes Benz Citan Front carwitter 1024x670 - The Small Van Plan - The Small Van Plan


The last thing you need is to be off the road with a van that lets you down so when you’re looking for a long tradition of quality and superb handling look for the Volkswagen Caddy. If you’re looking at versatility and superb styling options, head for Fiat Doblo Cargo and if you’re looking for performance and comfort, make a Mercedes Benz Citan your first point of call.


Then drive away happy in the knowledge that your van is going to keep your business on the road with a reliable, inspiring performance. Make our top three your top choices.


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