Tax the Rich are at it again: “Jaguar Joyride”!

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Tax The Rich Jaguar XJ220 Joyride carwitter 491x268 - Tax the Rich are at it again: "Jaguar Joyride"! - Tax the Rich are at it again: "Jaguar Joyride"!

Automotive youtube sensation Tax the Rich (TaxTheRich100) have uploaded yet another use-and-abuse supercar video entitled “Jaguar Joyride”.

The video depicts a young lad strolling into a barn in which he finds a gorgeous, navy blue XJ220 and a tablet computer with “start” flashing on the screen. To those of you familiar with TaxTheRich i’m sure you can imagine what happens next…but if you can’t/aren’t so familiar I will not spoil it for you. The joy as a car lover is in beholding such a spectacle!

Such a shame, and a rarity it is to see these cars out on the road performing the duty as their creators intended: being driven, driven hard and enjoyed!

TaxTheRich are a front to the concours warehouse, under a sheet mentality of supercar ownership and the shock value of their stunts is second to none! I wouldn’t treat my pride and joy in such a way it has to be said…but someone who has the nut to get out and do it has my utmost respect! If I were an owner of such a machine, watching their videos would inspire me to reach for the keys and go for a good drive! Big support and big up!


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