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NewMotion makes workplace EV charging simple

6 Oct , 2019  

Workplace EV charging can be a huge benefit to employees, they can drive to work, plug in and have a full battery for the journey home.

It works especially well for those who have to commute longer distances, range anxiety is often one of the big issues that puts people off switching to electric.

But it can also create a big headache for employers.

Is someone hogging the charging point all the time? Do they only require a few hours but leave their car plugged in all day? How do you administer the system or give access to only your employees?


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Well, now there’s an answer. A company called NewMotion who are part of the Shell group have come up with an award-winningly designed charging point that can take care of all the issues that come with offering workplace charging.

Their points can charge up to 60% faster than a regular 230v wall outlet. That gives you a range of roughly 20km an hour – dependant on the car your charging.

They also offer app and portal based insight into how the charger is being used; like monitoring the amount of sessions, kWh used, costs and CO2 savings.

You can also remotely control the charger. So start and stop charging sessions, as well as reset the system from wherever you are. You can also get email notifications for a lot of these functions.


Workplace EV Charging User Access

More importantly is the charge card access. This allows you to provide the charger for ‘guests’, so you’ll be automatically refunded any power that’s used while they’re topping up. As soon as one of your employees presents their charge card, they’ll be allowed to charge for free.

You can then manage the cards to link them to a particular person so you know who is charging and when.


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All the above are on a subscription basis, but prices start at just £4.00 a month ex VAT for the ‘Plus Subscription’ and £5.00 ex VAT a month for the ‘Dynamic Power Sharing Subscription’.

The latter allows you to chare as quick as possible by taking extra unused power from your National Grid feed.

It will also automatically distribute the available energy which is ideal if you plan on using multiple charging points, or have ideas about expanding in the future.


Home EV Charging

But NewMotion also offer home electric car charging points. Using the same svelte designed wall box without the post, and offer the same services as businesses with monthly subscriptions starting at just £3.60 incl VAT.

There are two additional levels which add charge card access management and a system that avoids overloading your grid connection just in case. The top offering is just £5.00 incl VAT.


NewMotion EV Charging Family carwitter 1024x577 - NewMotion makes workplace EV charging simple - NewMotion makes workplace EV charging simple


You may not know but as of July 2019 home chargers had to be of the ‘smart’ variety to qualify for the plug-in grant.

Their ‘Home Line’ wallbox costs just £359 including the plug-in grant. It will also charge up to 7.4 kW on a single phase grid connection – most of the UK. This bumps up to 22kW if you have a three phase connection.

You can also opt for RFID based charging, just in case anyone tries to juice up when you’re not at home. There are also over the air updates allowing new features to be added.

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