Motorsport – Carwitter – Car News | Car Reviews | Motoring Events Voted the UK's number one car blog in 2017 & 2018. Straightforward, to the point, car news, car reviews and motoring events. Sat, 20 Apr 2019 16:54:18 +0000 en-GB hourly 1 Motorsport – Carwitter – Car News | Car Reviews | Motoring Events 32 32 A Big Year Is On The Horizon For Sebastien Vettel Fri, 15 Mar 2019 18:52:53 +0000 Formula One Test Days 2019   Ferrari SF90   Sebastian Vettel 1400x840 - A Big Year Is On The Horizon For Sebastien Vettel - A Big Year Is On The Horizon For Sebastien Vettel

The new Formula One season is racing around the corner and, after the display of new cars and liveries at the annual winter testing in Barcelona, it is fair to say that the anticipation for the 2019 championship has been building nicely.

A first glimpse of these highly powered racing machines is always one that leads to plenty of conjecture and many questions are already emerging from the pit-lane, questions such as, how big a year is this for Sebastian Vettel?

The German driver once again embarks on another year in the Ferrari cockpit and perhaps this could be the most important season of what has undoubtedly been an already highly illustrious racing career.

Although the 31-year-old has been crowned Formula One World Champion on four occasions, he has not earned that accolade since 2013 and, more importantly, he is yet to deliver global domination to his current paymasters.

The last five years have seen the tide turn in the pinnacle of motorsport, with Mercedes having a vice-like grip on proceedings and this has meant a clean sweep in terms of championships for the ‘Silver Arrow’.



Many felt that Vettel spurned the opportunity to be crowned champion last year, especially after having such a commanding lead in the first half of the campaign and now those same people are wondering if that was his last genuine shot at standing on the top step of the overall podium.

A look at the current F1 betting suggests that 2019 is not to be his year either, with Lewis Hamilton considered as the current favourite by many bookmakers, and bet365 have the defending champion at odds of 11/8 to retain his crown once again.

While, by comparison, Vettel is only second favourite at odds of 2/1 and, although the rivalry with Hamilton will no doubt continue, his biggest threat could end up being one that lies a lot closer to home.

That is because it is all change in terms of the Ferrari driver lineup for 2019 and, after the departure of legendary Finnish driver Kimi Raikkonen to Alfa Romeo, it is time for a new and younger star to shine.

The prodigious star in question is Charles Leclerc and he is no stranger to the glitz and glamour that surrounds the sport. The Monégasque served up an impressive number of drives for what was previously known as the Sauber team and those in-car performances caught the attention of the marques at the top end of the constructors' standings.

Ferrari won the race for his signature and there is a growing belief that it's not if he goes on to be world champion, but when. The 21-year-old is part of an exciting new generation of drivers who are primed and ready to take over when the likes of Vettel and Hamilton call time on their lengthy careers.

While if Leclerc can outperform his new teammate in 2019, it could turn out to be a scenario that hastens the eventual departure of Vettel from Ferrari and this will leave the multiple champion with a decision to either continue with one of the grid's lesser teams or hang up his driving gloves for good.

History will undoubtedly be kind to the former Red Bull driver but he, just as anyone, knows that Formula One is a sport that always looks to the future and, if his upcoming performances are not up to scratch, it will be he who ends up getting left behind.

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WRC Media Day @ Cholmondeley Castle Mon, 25 Sep 2017 16:01:29 +0000 2017 WRC Wales Rally GB Media Day Review 09 carwitter 1400x840 - WRC Media Day @ Cholmondeley Castle - WRC Media Day @ Cholmondeley Castle

Prestone sponsor the MSA British Rally Championship, a prestigious series that has primed the careers of five Word Rally Champions along the years.

The 2017 season was won by Keith Cronin and Matthew Edwards in their Fiesta R5. Four times champions, they beat the competition in the second leg of the day by just 0.1 seconds. That's how close these guys get to eachother.

We were invited along to the WRC Media Day to get a taste of rallying for ourselves.

This years Dayinsure Wales Rally GB takes part on the 26-29th October, with a Rallyfest stage being held at Cholmondeley Castle for the second year running. It's a very short stage and just aims to bring the rally cars to the people en mass.



After a press conference detailing the event, local support, sponsors etc it was time to get some passenger rides in.

Strangely, and oddly enough even though this was the 'WRC' media day, there were no current World Rally cars there. Nor any teams, nor any current drivers. And by 'day' they mean fours hours of not so slick organisation.

But, we had fun nonetheless.



Donning a Hans Device for the first time ever I helmetted up and waited my turn for a ride.

The next car in the queue was an old 1300cc VW Beetle with some rather full on Safari style lights and roof rack, apparently it's steeped in history...but I didn't fancy going in that.

Behind it sat a Ford Escort RS Cosworth. When I was younger I had an insane Kyosho Landmax 1:8 scale petrol powered remote control car. It was in the classic fluorescent orange Repsol colourway with Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya on the side windows. It was even 4WD and could hit speeds of 70 MPH.



Naturally I waited for the Escort to pull in front. Clambering in you sit low down, eye line just peeping above the top of the dashboard.

Harnessed in, spine compressed downward it's time to set off.

The course is roughly 1.5 miles long, with a hairpin and a doughnut section to navigate. The weather is damp, there's been a little rain over the last hour and the surfaces look treacherous.



Waiting at the line we see the car in front shoot off. Held for 30 seconds or so it's then our turn.

Engine revs rise, brakes release and it's a go. The four wheel drive gives traction even on the glass like tarmac beneath.

Original power in the Escort RS is roughly 227 BHP, meagre by today's standards but in this stripped out shell in felt more than enough.

Banging through the gearbox we make it past the first two corners. It's a good pace, not breakneck, but not tiptoeing either.

Missing out the doughnut section we blast straight for the finish, over a slight crest were everything gets a bit light and you feel like you've left your stomach behind on the asphalt.

That's it. The whole thing is over in about a minute, and now we queue back up for my exit and the next punter.

Here's how it looked from my seat, full 360 and immersive. It's filmed in 4k and best viewed on your phone.

Chatting with the owner he tells me how he used to be a co-driver for years in national rallies. He then realised that the guy in the seat next to him was having way more fun.

So 18 months ago he bought the Cossie. It was one of the very first out of the factory, before the homologation specials were really put into production. The roll cage and everything was factory fit, it had a lot of history and had always been at home churning through mud and undergrowth.

I unclip my five point harness, shake hands and extract myself from the bijou seat.

Hans device off, helmet off, balaclava off I then realise familiar faces queuing up again.

The plot thickens.



Apparently you just need to get another wristband and then you can go out again.

As soon as I know it i'm donning a Hans again, helmetting again and standing waiting for my next ride.

This time it's a Toyota Celica GT4, the ST205 variant. Another homologation special, this one was a road car that had been turned into a rally variant.

Almost falling into the car over the high sided cage, limited visibility and minimal head turning...I was far from graceful.

This one was different to the Escort. There was only the top half of the dash present, the rest had been chopped away rather abrutply. Fuses were fixed to the dash, wires ran everywhere and there was even a small bare circuit board mounted near the dials on the drivers side.



Setting off from the start the pace was far quicker. Even though we were on dry road tyres we shot toward the first corner. Diving in, a bit of opposite lock was needed. A full four wheel drift was being set in motion.

Next corner and we handbrake turn, this time the opposite lock couldn't save us. But we stopped about 90 degrees perpendicular to the road.

Setting off again in a flurry of mud and grass we head toward the doughnut, slipping and sliding in a circle we make it with two wheels off and the Toyota scrabbling for grip.

Over the crest, stomach on the floor and we brake for the end of the course.

Queuing up this time took forever, there was some sort of massive backlog. Most of the passengers ended up getting out and walking a good 15 mins through the tree lined road back to base.

I sat and chatted instead.



The car was a normal road going car once upon a time. It's been outfitted with a custom cage, fire suppression system and the small circuit board is from Maplin. It's a timer that controls the water injection onto the intercooler. It's a must have for the Barbados rally and gives far more power when in use.

I find out the owner dislikes events like this. Cold tires, told by the organisers to keep it on the black stuff, it's too short and too tame. But he does it to get people into a rally car and show them what it's like.

All the guys that are here today have the same kindheartedness about them. The owner of the Escort likes to do it for the same reasons. He also gets to use his car for free, in a relatively safe environment and doesn't have to go too mad.



But with only two runs each I can't help but feel it's probably been a long journey, and not much action for these guys.

All of them would have loved to have done this all day long. Over a longer course, and with the correct tyres. Maybe even timed.

Naturally they have to keep all us media types with the correct number of limbs and heads. But it just seemed like such a waste to me.

They'd all bought their trailers, cars, fuel, Christ knows how many miles for two, maybe three runs around Cholmondeley.

I know a lot of the media peeps would have kept going round all day, seeing what the different cars were like and experiencing childhood dreams.



The invite just says 'passenger rides'. Well, if its the WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP Media Day, you kinda think you'll be getting passenger rides in WORLD RALLY cars *eye roll*.

Whilst it's a good event and does give you a very mild taste of rallying I can't help but think it could have been organised far better and the opportunities been clearer.

Anyway, we'll certainly be watching this years Wales Rally GB and keeping a beady eye on Chris Ingram. A rapidly rising British rally star, who confirmed at the media day that he will be running in this years Rally GB.


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Honda NSX GT3 to go on sale for customers Thu, 27 Jul 2017 22:05:31 +0000 Honda NSX GT3 Side - Honda NSX GT3 to go on sale for customers - Honda NSX GT3 to go on sale for customers

Honda have announced that the NSX GT3 race car will be up for sale for customers in 2018.

The NSX GT3 has been designed by Honda R&D with help from JAS Motorsport over the past three years.

It’s planned that first batch of 12 cars will be produced before the start of the 2018 race season.

A 3.5-litre twin-turbocharged V6 racing engine powers the NSX GT3 and shares a lot of parts with the production NSX. A six-speed, sequential-shift racing gearbox distributes power to the rear wheels.

“Honda are extremely proud to launch the NSX GT3 Customer Racing Programme. We have already seen the quality of the car proven by its victories in the USA and its ability to convincingly lead the Daytona 24 Hours on its series debut. With the customer support of Honda, JAS Motorsport, HPD and Mugen, we look forward to seeing the NSX fighting for victory in the most prestigious GT3 races in the world in 2018 and beyond.”

“The NSX GT3 has been created to compete at the highest level,” said Alessandro Mariani, CEO JAS Motorsport. “It blends cutting-edge GT3 race technology with a beautiful and efficient design and the very latest in FIA safety specification. We have already seen the car become a winner in the USA and we are now ready to offer it for sale around the world for racers to enjoy,”

said Robert Watherston, Head of Motorsport at Honda Motor Europe.

Orders in Europe for the NSX GT3 are now being taken by JAS Motorsport and are priced around £415,000.

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BTCC 2014: Round 4 Oulton Park Wed, 24 May 2017 09:03:19 +0000 Pits - BTCC 2014: Round 4 Oulton Park - BTCC 2014: Round 4 Oulton Park

After the glorious sunshine in Hampshire a fortnight ago the series headed north to Cheshire's Oulton Park and, for the second time in as many events, Matt Neal planted his Halfords Yuasa Racing Honda Civic Type R on the pole after a now traditional it would seem stop start qualifying session.

A trio of German marques followed the three time champion with Andrew Jordan the best placed BMW in the Pirtek liveried 1M Machine lining up ahead of Aiden Moffat's Laser Tools Mercedes A class, The second 1 series of Colin Turkington 4th.

Neals Team mate Gordon Shedden rocked up 5th in his Yuasa Halfords Civic R with the Adrian Flux Subaru Levorg of Ash Sutton next.

Two ford Focuses followed, the Motorbase Shredded Wheat Duo entry of Mat Jackson ahead of Josh Cook's Maximum Motorsport run effort. The 3rd 1 series, this time of Rob Collard and Jake Hill in the TAG Team HARD VW CC completed the top ten.


Jordan got off to an expected fast start in the rear driven BMW as Neal settled in behind, Moffat weathered the storm that was Turkington and co for the most of the contest before a brief altercation with Sutton saw the Subaru driver pass the Mercedes and lay claim to the final podium slot.

By this time it was anyone for 4th, Moffat was controlling a train of cars including Turkington, Shedden, Jackson, Collard, Cook, Hill and Rob Austin's Handy Motorsport Toyota Avensis.

At the front and at the flag though it was Jordan from Neal, with Sutton taking third. Behind though was a different story, late race contact between Turkington and Moffat saw the two time champion drop back with an electrical gremlin.

Moffat would hold on to forth ahead of Collard, Jackson, Shedden, Cook, Austin and Hill in a race packed with action up and down the field.


After a short delay for the removal of Adam Morgan's MAC Tools Mercedes which caught fire on the warm up lap the grid lined up as per usual minus Morgan. At the lights the rear driven cars again got the start on the rest of the pack Jordan leading from Sutton and Collard.

It wasn't long before the Subaru was ahead of the heavier BMW and, once by settled down at the head of the field, Collard quickly followed but, once passed his team mate was unable to do much about Sutton, the Subaru driver matching the BMW mans laps as the race progressed.

Jordan quickly dropped back further, the weight in his 1 Series hampering him as the Honda pair of Neal and Shedden relegated the '13 champion to 5th as an episode of damage limitation set in.

Sutton took the flag for his first win for Subaru at the circuit Subaru took their first BTCC victory, Collard followed home second while Neal and Shedden led Jordan home to complete the top 5.

Behind, Cook, Jackson, Austin, Hill and Michael Epps in his HARD VW completed the ten. Just outside the top ten though, action at the line as Jeff Smith, Senna Proctor and Colin Turkington all touched sending Smith across the grass and Proctor over the line backwards! Proctor would later receive a reprimand for his part in the incident.


Cook lined up on the race 3 pole just ahead of Jordan, Shedden, Neal and the rest. At the lights, a expected, Jordan shot off but Cook held firm ahead of the works Honda pair and set sights on a potential podium.

It was not to be however, a misjudged maneuver by Shedden - by his own admission broke the Focuses rear suspension and saw Cook out of the event.

More drama would follow when Moffat touched the BTC Norlin Racing Chevrolet of Dave Newsham bringing the safety car out.

With the field bunched back up it wasn't long before the Honda pair had passed the BMW of Jordan who would have to settle for third this time, behind, Sutton in his heavy Subaru was doing a great job of holding off the recovering Turkington and team mate Collard in the WSR BMWs

At the flag it was Shedden from Neal and Jordan. Sutton, Turkington and Collard up next ahead of Austin making it three top tens this weekend, Epps and Hill brought their VWs home next while Luke Davenport in his rookie season took a first top ten finish in his Shredded Wheat Focus.

Shedden now leads the championship after Tom Ingram had a nightmare weekend recording three non finishes and drops to third now behind Collard but just ahead of Turkington.

Croft is next up on the 11th of June, the halfway point of the championship, but this is far from over.

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BTCC 2017: Round 3 Thruxton Sat, 13 May 2017 20:13:14 +0000 BTCC 17 Thruxton Track Shot - BTCC 2017: Round 3 Thruxton - BTCC 2017: Round 3 Thruxton

The championship headed to the high speed Thruxton circuit for rounds 7, 8 and 9 of the 2017 campaign. Although while the weather was good and the crowds enjoyed a weekends fine competition the memories of young Billy Monger who suffered horrendous injuries at the previous event were fresh in the minds of those on both sides of the armco barriers.

As a result, all the BTCC cars carried #BillyWhizz on the front number plate as opposed to the the usual Dunlop branding, many other teams and drivers up and down the paddock adding there own touches to their machines.



Qualifying saw a fairly expected Thruxton grid form with the pair of works Honda Civic Type Rs on the front row, Matt Neal lining up ahead of team mate Gordon Shedden, Shedden carrying full ballast despite being disqualified from the final round at Donington, ballast is carried based on finishing or points position prior to any penalties being issued.

Jack Goff made it three Hondas in the top three in his Eurotech run Civic just ahead of points leader Tom Ingram in the Speedeworks Toyota Avensis. Rob Austin's similar Handy Motorsports entry lined up next before Jeff Smith made it four Civics in the top six planing his Eurotech entry next.

The Ciceley Motorsport Mercedes of Adam Morgan claimed 7th with Ash Sutton's Adrian Flux Subaru Levorg - a country mile ahead of his team mates, 8th. Colin Turkington's BMW 1M and Mat Jackson's Shredded Wheat Duo Racing Ford Focus finished off the top ten.


Neal led away from the lights and set about putting a decent gap between himself and Shedden, Goff settled in to third but couldn't really get on terms with the works entries just ahead, Ingram stayed in touch with Goff for most of the contest but, in the end, had to settle for forth.


The mid points positions offered a bit more action though, Austin dropped following battles with Morgan, Sutton and several other while Jake Hill in the Team HARD VW and Josh Cook's Maximum Motorsport Ford Focus looked like they may get in on the points action before contact between them took the pair out at the complex.

It was a similar story for Andrew Jordan in the Pirtek liveried BMW 1M, a spin while chasing Jeff Smith saw him drop to 28th at the flag while battling for top ten position.



At the flag the three Civics locked out the podium ahead of Ingram. Morgan, Sutton, Turkington, Jackson, Austin and Rob Collard in his BMW 1M finished 10th.


Race two lined up at the front as had race one, Neal again getting a good start before the red flag was waved following a huge shunt involving the Powermaxed Vauxhall of Senna Proctor and the two MGs, Dan Lloyd's car coming off the worse, fortunately the drivers were fine but proceedings were halted for almost an hour as repairs to the armco were made.



At the restart Neal again led away from the Hondas of Shedden and Goff, but, by the end of the lap Collard had bustled past the pair in a move that saw three cars going through the chicane side by side. Goff, had also passed Shedden for third by this point.

A lap or so later, Neal slowed and headed for the pits, Collard led and set about ensuring a victory from Shedden who had dealt with the similar car of Goff.



As Shedden chased the BMW down, more drama in the pack as Martyn Depper in his Shredded Wheat Duo Racing Ford Focus went off heavily at Godwood, bringing about a second red flag and with it, the end of the contest.



Collard took the win from Shedden while Ingram pipped Goff for third. Austin took 5th ahead of Turkington with Morgan, Sutton, Aiden Moffat in the Laser Tools Mercedes A Class and Jeff Smith completing the top ten. The reverse grid draw would see Colin Turkington promoted to pole for the day's final race.


Turkington led away from the pole and quickly pulled out a gap as those behind him battled for positions, but, with all the fighting Turkington wasn't going to be caught and, took the 100th BTCC victory for the German manufacturer.



Behind though it was a different story, Ingram Goff Shedden and Austin all fought for the podium places while Collard and Sutton were there to pounce if anyone slipped up, Ingram got the better of the Hondas and looked to chase Turkington but, it was too late.



Ingram was able to maintain his points lead in the championship with second place ahead of Jack Goff, scoring his second podium and third top 4 result of the day ahead of the works car of Shedden. Austin, Sutton and Collard followed ahead of the Mercedes pair of Morgan and Moffat.

Tom Chilton in the Powermaxed Vauxhall scored the tenth position just ahead of the recovering Matt Neal who started towards the back of the grid following his race two dramas.

Heading to Oulton Park, Ingram still leads the championship by 17 points from Shedden, himself a further two ahead of Turkington. Can the works squads catch the independents at Oulton? We'll find out soon.




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BTCC 2017: Round 2 Donington Park Wed, 03 May 2017 15:08:36 +0000 Sutton Subaru Donington 2017 - BTCC 2017: Round 2 Donington Park - BTCC 2017: Round 2 Donington Park

Mixed weather greeted the Easter crowds at Donington park for the second instalment of the 2017 BTCC season.

Qualifying, as it had done two weeks prior at Brands Hatch threw up a few surprises.

Ash Sutton initially set the fastest time in the improved Adrian Flux Insurance Subaru Levorg but, was relegated to the rear of the grid for race 1 following a boost infringement. Following him to the back of the grid was the TAG VW CC of Jake Hill, an illegal rear wing his crime.



This promoted Rob Austin in the Handy Motorsport Toyota Avensis to pole ahead of Jack Goff in the Eurotech Honda Civic.

The Speedworks Avensis Tom Ingram was up next with Aiden Moffat’s Laser Tools Mercedes a Class 4th. The works Dynamic Halfords Yuasa Honda Civic Type Rs of Matt Neal and Gordon Shedden filled the next row ahead of Michael Epp’s TAG VW, Adam Morgan in the Wix Racing MAC Tools Mercedes, Jeff Smith – splitting duties between Donington and Oulton Park made it 4 Hondas in the top ten with his Eurotech machine ninth ahead of Colin Turkington’s BMW 1M.



Incident from the word go as Ingram got nerfed into the first corner, with it pitching pole man Austin wide and back a few places in the opening corners, Goff would also have a moment and drop down the order during the opening carnage.


At the front Ingram was being reeled in the by the chasing pack with Moffat taking the lead on the 5th lap. Ingram, struggling with weight and the harder tyre option eventually dropped to 5th at the flag.

A flag that Moffat took for the first time in his BTCC career ahead of Neal, Austin, Tukington, Ingram, Rob Collard in his WSR Works BMW, Morgan, Shedden, Jeff Smith and Josh Cook in the Maximun Motorsport Ford Focus, however Morgan and Shedden would have their positions reversed as Morgan had passed the reigning champion on the grass rather than the tarmac!



Moffat led away in the heavy and hard-tyred Mercedes in the early laps before being reeled in by Ingram and the BMW pair of Turkington and Collard.

Behind all this Sutton, looking to kick start his weekend after qualifying disappointment was up to 5th which, would become 3rd at the flag as Moffat dropped back as the race progressed.



Ingram however took victory for the second time in 2017 and in doing so became the first driver in 5 races to record a second victory. Collard held off Sutton at the flag for 2nd while Cook took a fine 4th for Maximum ahead of Turkington and the works Honda duo of Shedden and Neal.



Dave Newsham in the BTC Norlin Racing Chevrolet Cruze – a car he knows well from his Power Maxed days took 8th and, with it the pole for the final reverse grid round ahead of Jack Goff and the current Power Maxed squad, Tom Chilton taking 10th in his Vauxhall Astra.


Heavy rain saw the entire grid on the wet tyre as conditions on a British Bank Holiday weekend took a turn for the predictable.

Incidents on the first lap saw many cars off at The Old Hairpin bringing out the safety car before Neal, leading beached his Civic as the red flags came out. Neal would be the only driver not to make it back to the grid for the restart once conditions improved.


Newsham this time led away as the BMWs and Shedden looked to ruin the party. Shedden passing the Chevrolet on the 5th lap after a short safety car intervention, while Turkington followed on lap 8 leaving Newsham to battle hard in the closing stages with Morgan and Sutton for the final podium and outright independent victory.


Morgan however won both battles taking the flag third ahead of the Subaru and Chevrolet respectively. Ingram was up next 6th past the post and scoring a hat trick of top ten finishes, ahead of Jack Goff, Josh Cook, Aiden Moffat and Aron Taylor-Smith in the RCIB MG6.

However, after the race Shedden’s car would be disqualified for a ride height infringement, handing victory to Turkington, promoting everybody else up a place and Senna Proctor in the Power Maxed Racing Vauxhall Astra into 10th.
As a result Shedden, who would have a comfortable lead after two rounds now sits 4th equal with Rob Collard. Tom Ingram leads the championship heading to Thruxton ahead of Colin Turkington and Adam Morgan.



However, the atmosphere of the meeting turned early on in the day following a horrendous accident in the F4 race, which saw Billy Monger airlifted to hospital following a horrific incident with Patrik Pasma early in the contest.

Proceedings were held up for over 90 mins as rescue teams worked to free Billy from his car before transporting him to hospital with leg injuries.

The thoughts of all at Carwitter are with Billy and his family and we wish him a full and speedy recovery.

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Motorsports Calendar 2017: May Wed, 03 May 2017 13:33:39 +0000 Nurburgring 24 Hours 2013 Audi R8 LMS carwitter 700x432 - Motorsports Calendar 2017: May - Motorsports Calendar 2017: May

So, May, Spring and, a pretty full calendar for the fans this month.


Weekending 6th-7th May

Spa hosts the second round of the World Endurance Championship, the final dress rehearsal before the big one, you may have heard about it, it takes place in France next month. Motorsport TV and Radio Le Mans will keep you up to date, keep an eye out for a highlights show on ITV4 a week or so later mind!



Sticking with sportscars, COTA hosts the IMSA event on the same weekend, again, expect Radio Le Mans and Motorsport coverage for this.

Motorsport TV, the series own website and Radio Le Mans should also bring coverage from Paul Ricard for the 24 hour event happening there this weekend, while on a shorter scale Blancpain lands in the UK with Brands Hatch hosting the Sprint event. Again, series website, BT and Motorsport TV should have some form of coverage over the coming week.

Touring car action is also on many people’s radar this weekend as Thruxton hosts the third instalment of the BTCC. If you’re not there (or Brands Hatch) ITV4 will keep you up to date with all the BTCC and support action.



Craving more? OK, Motorsport TV should have some coverage of the WEC supporting TCR series from Spa while BT and the series website will bring DTM action from Hockenheim.

Also appearing at Hockenheim (and via Motorsport TV and ITV4) the World Rally Cross heads to Germany for one of the most intriguing crossover events on the calendar while the European Rally Championship takes in the Canaries on Eurosport.



Those used to early starts and late nights can catch V8 Supercar action on Motorsport and BT from Perth.


Weekending 13th 14th May

Starting as we did last week with prototypes the ELMS heads to Monza, Motorsport and Radio Le Mans as always have this. Blancpain Endurance this time lands in the UK with Silverstone hosting the 3 hour event, again Motorsport, BT and the series live stream should cater for those not making the trip.



Formula E returns after recharging it’s batteries and heads to Monaco (CH5, Youtube) while the World Touring Car action heads to Hungary (Eurosport).



World Rally Cross (Motorsport ITV4) takes the short trip from Hockenheim to Belgium for the second event in as many weekends.


Weekending the 20th-21st

More prototype action this weekend with the new for 2017 UK LMP3 Cup heading to the GP loop at Brands Hatch, check series website for TV details!

Elsewhere on these shores the BTCC moves to Oulton Park (ITV4) while the British Rally Championship heads north of the border for the Dumfries Rally. (Ch4, BT Sport – I think).



Elsewhere WRC Rally action comes from Portugal (BT, Ch5 and Red Bull TV) DTM (BT, Youtube, website) moves to the Lausitzring and V8 Supercars, the Winton Supersprint. BT and Motorsports TV should give some pictures.


Weekending 27th-28th May

Some big events this weekend both in the UK and worldwide so this section we’re doing a little different. Trackside you have the option of British GT from Snetterton live on Frontrunner TV on freeview if you are not trackside.

Lydden Hill hosts the British round of the World Rally Cross championship, again Motorsport and ITV4 for those not in attendance and, while simply due to the scale of the calendars this year while we have left most motorcycle racing off it’s worth noting that the World Superbike Championship heads to Donington Park.

Eurosport and again ITV4 will have pictures.



Elsewhere, well there’s WTCC action from Germany. Nurburgring to be precise, Eurosport will cover this while Radio Le Mans and the Nurburgring website should be streaming pictures of the N24 direct to devices the world over.

We’ve also been asked about a certain race in America, with Fernando Alonso’s announcement that he’s to race the Indy 500 this year over the Monaco Grand Prix it seems daft to leave either out.

BT Sports should cover the stateside action while Sky and Channel 4 will show Monte Carlo.

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BTCC 2017: Round 1 Brands Hatch Indy Fri, 07 Apr 2017 14:02:51 +0000 Chilton Power Maxed Astra Brands Indy 17 - BTCC 2017: Round 1 Brands Hatch Indy - BTCC 2017: Round 1 Brands Hatch Indy

Finally, the BTCC season kicked off at Brands Hatch with action a plenty on the indy configuration.

The new season would also see an influx of new car and driver combinations, most notably the “works” Vauxhall Astras, run by Power Maxed Racing, with BTCC returnee and WTCC challenger Tom Chilton and Clio Cup Graduate Senna Proctor behind the wheels.

Qualifying was a stop start affair as rain played havoc bring red flag breaks and yellow periods that meant getting a clean lap in was tricky at best.

Jeff Smith in the Eurotech Racing Honda Civic landed the pole and with it the series lead just ahead of the 2016 race one pole sitter Tom Ingram and his Speedworks Toyota Avensis, sporting an up to date facelift based on the production model.

’16 champion Gordon Shedden and Matt Neal in their works Halfords Yuasa Civics were next ahead of Colin Turkington, returning to WSR after 2 years away from the 1 series BMW.

Adam Morgan’s Ciceley Motorsport run Wix Racing Mercedes A Class looked to have picked up a winter sunburn in its new bright red Mac Tools livery was 6th ahead of the second (and 4th Honda in the top 10 ) Eurotech Civic of Jack Goff.

Rob Austin in the Handy Motorsports Toyota Avensis, Jake Hill’s Team HARD VW CC and Mat Jackson’s luminous Motorbase Ford Focus completed the top ten.


Ingram got the jump on Smith at the lights and led through the early part of the lap but, behind Turkington and Neal had got together, the latter appearing to move across on the fast starting BMW driver as he negotiated a path between the two Hondas and bringing out the safety car.

Ingram led away and built up a lead as Smith struggled on the soft tyre to keep Shedden and Morgan behind him before, being forced to retire with a front wheel nut problem in the latter stages.

Morgan would chase down Shedden in the latter part of the race but, had to settle for 3rd on the road at the flag behind the reigning champion. Smith’s team mate Goff would keep the Eurotech flag flying though as he battled Austin for an eventual 4th place.

Andrew Jordan and Rob Collard in similar WSR BMWs but sporting different paint jobs were up next ahead of Mat Jackson’s Focus.

Michael Epps in another of the Team HARD VWs was not going to be a pushover either scoring his best result in 9th for Tony Gilham’s squad, reunited with the VWs they had originally bought to the series a few years ago. Tom Chilton took tenth for Power Maxed Vauxhall in the new Astras debut event.


Race 2 took a while to get going as, firstly Ingram had dramas on the initial warm up laps before causing the start to be aborted once on the grid. The second green flag laps should have seen him take up position at the back of the grid but, he opted to take pole and a drive thru penalty during the race, however.

Jason Plato’s Adrian Flux BMR Subaru pulled across Mat Simpson’s works supported Honda Civic, pitching the former champ into the concrete wall and bringing out the red flags. Fortunately everyone involved was unharmed although it did signal the end of Jason Plato’s day.

Eventually the race got going, Ingram led initially before Shedden took over for the duration of the event. A short safety car period momentarily reset the pack but Shedden wasn’t going to be beaten.

Collard, continuing his race 1 form was looking racy and battled though a pack consisting of Morgan, Austin, team mate Jordan and Ingram to take second ahead of the race 1 winner, Austin would cross the line 4th but be disqualified after the race for a yellow flag infringement while battling with Morgan and Jordan meaning Morgan would be 4th ahead of Jackson, Jordan, Josh Cook in the Maximum Motorsport Ford Focus, Chilton, Turkington and Epps eventually taking tenth.

Following Austin DQ, Chilton would be promoted to pole ahead of Cook and the rest for the days third encounter.


Jordan got right what his rwd compatriots couldn’t in the day’s third event by successfully sliding through Cook and Chilton to lead into the first lap, Jackson also looked to get a good start before taking a trip across the gravel and out of contention.

This race however was going to be about the BMWs, Jordan taking a relatively straight forward victory while Collard and Turkington fought for positions.

Turkington taking a fantastic second right on Jordan’s tail at the flag and Collard, in his heavier car 6th. Chilton took a well deserved podium for Power Maxed Vauxhall in their first outing with Neal, Morgan and Collard up next. Shedden, Goff, Epps (recording 3 top ten finishes this meeting) and Hill completed the top ten.

So, as it stands at the moment Gordon Shedden leads from Tom Ingram and Andrew Jordan as the series heads to Donington on Easter weekend.


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Motorsports Calendar 2017: April Thu, 23 Mar 2017 11:25:45 +0000 BTCC 16 Brands GP Neal Honda Civic - Motorsports Calendar 2017: April - Motorsports Calendar 2017: April

Well, the spring has finally arrived, and with it plenty of top motorsports action, plenty of series restart this month, here’s a rundown on what to watch and where!

Weekend of the 1st 2nd

The BTCC roars back into life after winter that seemed to last forever, plenty of movement in the close season sees some returning faces, familiar faces in unfamiliar liveries and Vauxhall return as a works manufacturer with Power Maxed racing.

The Brands hatch Indy circuit hosts the first 3 rounds of the ’17 season. ITV4 brings pictures live if you can’t make it.

Formula E returns to the streets and screens on the Saturday as the Mexican round of the championship. Channel 5 bring the UK coverage live.

The TCR Touring car series kicks off its ’17 season with a visit to Gerogia. Motorsport TV should have some live and highlight coverage of the event.

Blancpain Sprint action gets back on track at Misano (BT / Motorsport / Series webchannel) while rally fans can catch the European action from the Azores (Eurosport) and WRX from Barcalona via Eurosport & Quest.
Back in the UK, Silverstone plays host to the Britcar 24hr race. Motorsport TV should have some coverage or check the website for possible live stream.


Weekend of the 8th-9th

Motorsport TV and Radio Le Mans should bring the Weathertech Sportscar action from Long Beach, while those after a longer endurance race could check out the 12hr of Red Bull Ring via the 24Hr series website and probably a highlights package on Motorsport TV.

Tin Top fans on a high from the BTCC return could do worse than tune in to Eurosport for the WTCC from Morrocco.

BT, Red Bull TV and Channel 5 should cover the WRCs outing to Corsica while Motorsport and BT should also have pictures and coverage of V8 Supercars from Tasmania.


Weekend of the 15th-16th

The WEC returns to Silverstone for a double header of WEC and ELMS (Saturday) action, those not trackside tune into Motorsport TV...
... Unless, you are at either Donington or Oulton Park! The BTCC heads to Donny (ITV4) while the British GT series kicks off at Oulton (Motorsport and CH4).

Bahrain sees the TCR championship in action via Motorsports TV.


Weekend of the 22nd-23rd

If the WEC wasn’t enough for you then you may wish to head to Donington, the UK LMP3 Championship kicks off its inaugural championship. I would expect some coverage via Motorsport TV at some point but have yet to have confirmation.

Staying with endurance racing, Blancpain Endurance returns this weekend at Monza. BT, Motorsport and the series website should have you covered.

Eurosport and Quest share coverage for ’17 of the WRX, this weekend’s action is from Portugal while the V8 supercars return to mainland Australia and Phillip Island with Motorsport and BT covering the action.


Weekend of the 29th-30th

British GTs head to the infield configuration of Rockingham (Motorsport TV CH4) while Eurosport brings the pictures from Monza’s WTCC event.

Rally fans get a double whammy this weekend with WRC action from Argentina (BT / CH5 / Red Bull TV) and British Action from Carlisle (CH5).

A slightly fuller calendar this month, and its gets busier in May.

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Motorsports Calendar 2017: March Tue, 28 Feb 2017 10:50:22 +0000 clipsal 500 2015 - Motorsports Calendar 2017: March - Motorsports Calendar 2017: March

Still a fairly sparse calendar outside the world of Formula 1 but there are still a few things to keep the fans occupied until the bulk of the European based series kick off.

4th-5th March

The V8 Supercars begin their 2017 with the familiar trip around the Adelaide streets, the Clipsal 500.
Three races on the shorter, former GP circuit take place on the Saturday and Sunday, expect possible live coverage and highlights packages on Motors and BT Sport.

11th-12th March

The WRC heads to Mexico for the seasons third event of the year. BT and Channel 5 bring the pictures.

18th -19th March

A little more going on here, US sports car racing returns at Sebring for the 12hr race starting on the Saturday, Motors and Radio Le Mans should keep you up to speed with this one.
While over in Italy, the 24hr Series continues with the 12hr of Mugello, again Motors, Radio Le Mans and the series website / live stream should keep you occupied.

Fancy getting out and about?
The 75th Goodwood Members Meeting is also taking place this weekend, plenty of classic, historic and contemporary metal (carbon?) on show and being raced by plenty of well known names.

Tickets are selling fast so check the Goodwood website for details. Can’t get to Goodwood? If history is anything to go by the event *should* be streamed via the official website, failing that ITV4 *may* bring a highlights feature in the coming weeks.

Well that’s about it for March, however It gets busier next month.

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