Make Your Car Safe For Summer

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Summer is the best time to be out on the road exploring new places and having fun with your family and friends. Now that all of the snow is gone from our streets we are able to drive in the sunshine and enjoy the fresh air as we cruise to our destination. To make sure that you and the family are safe in the car this summer there are some things to think about.


More traffic

There are always more people on the road during summer it’s the school holidays and people are off work, because of this the roads are more dangerous. So be vigilant and take care, often it’s not you it’s everyone else around you that you need to be wary of. You don’t want to get yourself into an accident and needing a lawyer like to help you out. 


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During the summer your car faces an issue which doesn’t occur in the colder months. When driving in hot weather your car will heat up much quicker, and because of this you’re at a higher risk of your engine overheating, which isn’t good.

You need to be aware of this and make sure that you always check your coolant levels before summer time. In your car you’ll have a liquid called coolant which keeps the engine from getting too hot. You need to make sure that you have enough coolant in your car during the summer to keep your car running smoothly.

Air conditioning

During the summer time the inside of your car can become incredibly hot, especially if you leave it parked in the sun for a few hours during the day. Make sure that your AC system is working properly for not only yourself, but your family too. If you have dogs in the car with you on long journeys they are even more susceptible to heat stroke so make sure that you keep the windows slightly open and turn up that AC!

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The oil in your car is used to lubricate all of the working parts and this keeps your machine working smoothly throughout the year. In the summer we’re more likely to travel for a long distance so it is important to think about checking the oil level regularly. You can check this by opening up your car bonnet and taking out the dip stick. As long as your oil level is above the minimum you should be good to go.



When driving, the only point of contact to the road is our tyres. Therefore it’s incredibly important to make sure that we look after our car tyres and carry out regular checks before we set off.

The first thing you will need to check up on is your tyre pressure. Making sure that to have enough pressure in your tyres is incredibly important if you want to stay on the road and keep your control as you steer.

You can buy a tyre pressure gauge here  and check the pressure according to your car manual at home.

The next thing to keep an eye on is your tread. The tread is what keeps your grip on the road and therefore you need to check it regularly to make sure it is large enough. It should never go below the line shown on your tyre, and if it does you need to replace it.


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Checking your brakes is incredibly important because your brakes are one of the most integral tools on the car full stop. Make sure that you take the time to check in your brake pads, make sure nothing is rusty, fill up your brake fluid if it is needed and even look at getting them checked at a garage just to be safe. The last thing you want when you are out and about in the sun is to wear down your brakes and not be able to stop the car.



This might seem like the least of your problems when you’re carrying out checks on your car, but actually it is important in the summer to have a good amount of screen wash for when your windscreen is dry and dusty. It can also be very useful when you have insects on the windscreen which need moving off.


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