Jaguar XE technology revealed

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Ahead of its world premiere in London on September 8th Jaguar have announced some of the technological wizardry behind its new 3 series competitor the XE.

Jaguar XE Suspension Setup carwitter 491x389 - Jaguar XE technology revealed - Jaguar XE technology revealed

Its rear suspension will be integral link rather than multi link, this helps provide lateral and longitudinal stiffness. The parts that make up this setup have been forged or hollow cast in aluminium to help keep weight down.

Up front the suspension takes cues from the super F-Type with a double wishbone setup, allowing for XFR levels of stiffness.

The XE becomes the first Jaguar to be equipped with the latest generation Electric Power Assisted Steering, new software allows better tuning of the steering system to allow for more feel and feedback.

Jag have also come up with a new rear wheel drive traction control system. With expertise borrowed from Land Rover they now have a system that allows for superb grip when setting off in tricky conditions. Jaguar liken it to a low speed cruise control mode.

We await the full unveil!

Jaguar XE Chassis carwitter 491x205 - Jaguar XE technology revealed - Jaguar XE technology revealed


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