Is A Ford Focus A Safe Investment?

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For a lot of car owners, the most difficult question to answer when considering purchasing a new car is how to find out whether the vehicle represents a safe investment.

With British families spending on average around 10% of their annual income to buy a car, with another 5% spent in car insurance, fuel, repairs, and servicing, it’s important to consider your investment closely, and more exactly whether traditional makes are a safe value for money investment.

Why does it matter so much? The average family in Britain might be facing up to £5,000-a-year drop in living as the result of the Brexit referendum. And when the typical, average, family-sized hatchback is the Ford Focus – it’s the preferred family choice for the majority of Britons – it’s crucial to see if the Focus remains a safe investment for your family in those economic circumstances.


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So you think you’re ready for a new car?

You may be an experienced driver, but it’s fair to say that nobody can have enough experience when it comes to buying a car.

Firstly, you need to prepare a rough checklist of the essentials you want in your vehicle, bearing in mind that the features you needed when you bought your current car may not be suitable to your situation any longer. For instance, who needs leather seats with young children?

Make sure as well to research the car history, especially if you choose to buy a used car from a private seller. You need to look for indications of regular servicing and healthy maintenance.

If the vehicle hasn’t regularly been serviced, you may potentially be buying a time bomb ready to explode. Besides, you can as well check the cost of insuring specific makes with your car insurance, to help pick the best vehicle for your budget.


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They are affordable

Finally, to the main question, should you buy used Ford Focus cars as family cars?

Most British families think of the Focus as their family car of choice because it handles brilliantly and is highly economical to run.

It’s also roomy enough for all your family requirements without becoming uncomfortable in urban traffic. And it sells at a low cost on the used market, which is great for your budget too.

However, if you intend to resell the vehicle in a few years’ time, you need to be aware that Ford models don’t hold their value in the long term. In fact, the Focus depreciates by 39% in only one year.


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They can cost a lot in maintenance

Despite its reputation for being a cost-friendly family car, the Ford Focus has made it among the top 10 least reliable cars of the year in a variety of customer reports. Indeed, drivers have complained about transmission issues and poor drive system, aside from minor problems too.

In other words, it seems that you’ll be spending a lot in repair costs if you pick a poorly maintained Focus.


2015 Ford Focus 1 Litre EcoBoost Review Close carwitter 700x465 - Is A Ford Focus A Safe Investment? - Is A Ford Focus A Safe Investment?


From affordability to high maintenance costs, owning a Ford Focus feels like a rollercoaster ride. If you’re looking for family cars, you may prefer reliable German alternatives, such as the VW Passat, which have a cost-friendlier maintenance.


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